Owners of iOS mobile devices have a vast array of accessories to select from especially when looking at docking stations, a sector how the Android platform will be left behind within. Now though there is firm more well known for its iOS goods set to supply some money saving Android accessories.

iHome is focused to give Android systems some adore with the introduction of the iC3, iC16, and iC50 that may be of great interest to many Android people out there. First up is the iC50 of which according to Ubergizmo is it being called the Living space Saver FM Music Alarm Clock Radio for Android Cell phones by the firm.

Android smartphone proprietors can connect their unit to the pier via a sliding off the road micro USB connection that takes into mind the various opportunities that the target USB port can be found on an Android system, and also the various sizes advisors. While charging you your handset the iC50 is going to double up as a stereo alarm clock having built-in FM tuner, and also will work with the particular iHome Sleep use and is pricing $59.99.

Up coming in the brand-new range will be the iC3 that is a take a position and stereo audio speaker for the Android device and in addition features a sliding off the road micro USB connector, but as things are larger your iC3 can also have capacity for an Android product. This can be driven via 4 AA battery packs or an Alternating current adapter as well as priced at $39.Ninety nine. The iC16 has been said to be a additional portable type of the iC50 however has the included bonus of the USB port permitting you to charge an extra device, this also is priced at $59.98.

New money saving iHome Android accessories

Strangely any time going to the iHome web-site the Android goods are currently not really shown nevertheless they can be found as a result of Amazon for the seemingly low cost. Do you much like the look of the Android iHome products?