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Gorki House was designed by Atrium and is integrated in a beautiful natural environment atop of a hill west of Moscow. The architects were commissioned to design a contemporary residence for a young couple and their kid, while maintaining a good relationship with the surrounding pine forest landscape. The building features generous windows and a large number of terraces which make it connect well with the outdoors. Its shape is highly original, consisting of a clever and appealing game of volumes which seem to gradually unfold. According to Arch Daily, the interior design follows the “patterns” of the exterior, as “public zones flow into private areas and vice-versa”. The rooms are airy and spacious, featuring contemporary furniture arrangements and inspiring decorative details. Have a look at the architecture plans at the end of the post for a general view and let us know what you think of this project. [Photography @ Yuri Palmin, Anton Nadtochiy]

Jaguar XKX concept is a new generation electric roadster by design studio Skyrill and Marin Myftiu, inspired by the legendary Jaguar E-Type (1961-75).
“The XKX Jaguar is a new generation electric roadster, aimed at pushing both performance and power efficiency to a new level. This concept tries to revive the glorious design lines of the brand, combining fresh solutions, a unique, new aerodynamics, tailored around the electrical elements of the power system as well as cutting-edge energy feedback.”

The aerodynamics of the concept car was designed in a new innovative way, the side deflector intakes of the front were made broader, so a much larger amount of air does not get stuck by the engine, instead, it flows behind the front wheels.One of the main characteristic feature of the Jaguar XKX is the totally disappearing side mirrors. At about 1cm thickness, the mirrors perfectly fit the shallow hatch made in the door piece when the car is stopped and they unfold again in working position when it’s turned on.

In addition the body of the XKX is covered by a layer with microscopic ripples of piezoelectric cells, which, stimulated by the pressure of the air flowing over them.


A Laptop Stand Fit For The Jungle

411c96l0X7L. SL500 AA280  A Laptop Stand Fit For The Jungle

Bamboo adjustable laptop stand with fan for an authentic outdoor look wherever you may be.

via Macally ECOFANPRO Bamboo Laptop Stand with Fan: Electronics.

41Xda8g8QaL. SS280  Record Your Xbox and PS3 Gaming Sessions For Future Playback and Pwnage

HD PVR is the world’s first High Definition video recorder for making real-time H.264 compressed recordings from your Xbox or PS3 game play. HD PVR records Component Video (YCrCb) is recorded at resolutions up to 1080i, while audio is recorded using optical audio with Dolby AC3 or two channel stereo audio.

via Amazon

Apple Stylus

When Steve Jobs first announced the revolutionary touch screen on the iPhone, one if the things he said was, “Who needs a stylus?” This was during a time when you couldn’t just tap a screen to get what you wanted. Mobile devices required a stylus and Apple freed us of those restrictions. Although the iPad works great with the tips of your fingers, we all know that a stylus can be a great improvement for handwritten notes, sketching, and even painting. Apple knows this too and recently applied for a patent on the design of an “Active Stylus” that would “significantly improve stylus sensing on a mutual capacitive touch sensor panel without incurring significant additional cost.”

U.S. Patent Application 20120327041, simply called “Active Stylus” is for the design of a stylus that includes an electrode at the tip and powered circuitry couple to the electrode that is configured for capacitively coupling the electrode with a capacity touch sensor panel.

According to the patent summary, traditional styluses work passively by blocking electric field line between the drive and sense electrodes. Apple considers the design in the patent as “active” because it can act as either a drive electrode to create an electric field between it and the sense lines of the sensor panel, or as a sense electrode for sensing the signals from one or more stimulated drive rows and columns of the sensor panel.

Although Jobs saw the touch panel as a way to throw off the shackles of stylus computing, Apple knew that the pen-like accessory would always be involved in our lives and now they want to do what they do best, improve upon it.

[Via: Patently Apple]


Yesterday, we told you about the possibility that Apple was in talks to acquire the social networking mapping service Waze. While the addition of the technology would greatly benefit Apple’s lackluster Maps app, the rumor turns out not to be the least bit true.

According to TechCrunch, who first reported the rumor, there is no deal in the works between Apple and Waze. Although the technology blog felt the need to defend its inaccuracy, we all know that this type of information is based on rumors and speculation and not to be taken seriously. It’s O.K. TechCrunch. You didn’t do anything wrong.

Today’s TechCrunch post mentions that Apple and Waze are often in regular communication with each other, since the latter supplies data for the former’s mapping software. There is even a chance that a passing conversation was had in regards to a possible merger some day. However, TechCrunch is quick to point out that low-level meetings like that are common amongst larger corporations and small start-ups. It doesn’t mean much until serious parties get involved.

Apple has also been rumored to be in talks with Foursquare to incorporate the social media’s massive database into the Maps app. Although no one has confirmed or denied that serious parties are getting involved in talks from Apple or Foursquare, it is not likely that one will be bought out by the other. Apple doesn’t normally buy up well-known companies like Foursquare. If anything, they will add Foursquare’s features to their Maps app in a similar fashion to how Yelp is connected to the mapping service. Again, it is all rumors and speculation. Nothing has been made official yet.

“The recent U.S. election campaign was fought on economy and jobs. With an unemployment rate near 8% on the Election Day, jobs were the overwhelming concern of U.S. voters. So when 12 million unemployed people in the U.S. and those under-employed ask, “No job, now what?” the answer for the crowd may actually lie in the crowd,” Reuven Gorsht, SAP’s Vice-President, Customer Strategy, writes for Forbes.

“With the emergence of crowd business models and virtual marketplaces to connect employers to a broad base of employees, crowdsourcing is quickly turning into more than making a few dollars on the side,” Gorsht writes. “The U.S. already has over 42 million (and growing) freelancers ranging from lawyers, accountants, childcare workers, photographers, graphic designers and other specialized professions.”

Gorsht writes, “While unemployment will not be eradicated completely, in this age of hyper connectivity, many new opportunities emerge for both employees and employers. The challenge is that we have to rethink employment beyond a traditional full time career. As employment continues to evolve and transform, the nature of employment will become dynamic and specialized, with a large part of the global workforce connecting to their iPhones each day, checking their assignments and getting to work.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]

“Despite the three-month decline of Apple’s stock price, some analysts are now more confident that the company has some solid operations behind it and will continue to deliver industry-beating growth rates across 2013 and into the following year, even if speculated new products such as ‘Pandora-like radio service’ or long-rumored HDTV set never materialize,” MacNN reports. “There is also some evidence the corporate and enterprise buying of Apple products may snowball in 2013.”

MacNN reports, “Forrester Research is predicting that Apple will have a record year in enterprise sales of Macs and iPads in 2013, estimating a total of $18 billion in corporate sales between the two lines, with the iPad leading the way. Though competition in the ‘business tablet’ space may increase due to efforts from Microsoft and Google to undercut the iPad, in the foreseeable future the iPad remains the best choice for tablets, and retains strong employee preference for them over Android- or Windows-based devices.””

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]

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