With the recent flub of SimCity having to be always online there has been some big tension growing in the gamer community. Gamers everywhere have had unseen yet heated debates on the future of our beloved hobby and how the “always online” requirements will undoubtedly kill the love we share for our other lives inside the television.

Since Microsoft has given us little information regarding the new iteration of the Xbox, rumors have been abound. Will it be always on? Will we still have achievements? Can it still surpass Sony and their Playstation? Will Bill Gates finally hire me as his personal game tester? Most of these are the unanswered fears of Xbox-ians everywhere. Well, Adam Orth, a Creative Director at Microsoft decided to take to twitter to show how he feels regarding the “always online” debacle and the result was less than stellar.

So as you can see in the tweet thread that the developer seemingly does not care about where you live, if you are in a city that has a bad connection then sorry for you. This short back and forth between these two has caused a serious storm in the online community. Gamers everywhere from Reddit to Kotaku are up in arms over this inept conversation with talks of boycotting and mutiny.

But was this really a statement on the future of the Xbox, or was it a conversation between friends that unfortunately went viral? It appears that the latter is the truth. WARNING explicit language ahead: