Smart shoes by Apple track the wear and the usage and also help you to identify that when the shoes need to be replaced. This works via built-in LED lights, displays, speakers etc. This works by embedding the processor and other mini electronic devices in the heel of the shoe. This can also be embedded in any part of the shoe which clearly indicates how the shoe is damaged out. This can also reveal that for how long the shoe has been used. This shoe also indicates the user of the shoe if he has crossed the suggested time of the walk by wearing those shoes. The sensors include motion detectors that easily detect the motion of the person wearing smart shoes.

The smart shoe also helps the users to decide when they need to replace their shoes. The qualities of this shoe are that these shoes provide comforts, protection moreover stability for users when they are engaged in physical activities like sports etc.

This also displays the weight. Sensors are given power by the built-in battery or with the help of generator. Apple has also launched such shoes before that was an excellent way to check their workouts by monitoring their actual activities. This was moreover focused on health directly. Whereas, the smart shoes launched by Apple now is not focused on health directly but it can be worn for viewing the workouts, activity habits that tells that how many time you wear your shoes.

So many companies are in future expecting to look for smart watches which will embed on person’s body and it will be invisible so that people around us won’t be able to see it. These inventions don’t give any guarantee. But these inventions are expected to grow in the coming future as it will be a concern of the electronics consumer and the electronics maker.

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