Many of you might have assumed that Facebook messenger is available for iPad, yet it is not true. It took awhile for Facebook to launch its messenger for the iPad devices. The new graphic is making its way to launch in the event of “come and see what they are building”. In this “what they are building” event, the biggest deal besides the launch of slew ads and some other improvements, the announcement of Facebook messenger for iPad is made.The new Facebook messenger for iPad is having all the features we love to encounter like read receipts, emoticons, location, tagging, photo sharing, group messaging and the latest voice recorder feature. This will all available on iPad and it will be in bigger format than the iPhone.

According to another source, the app has been publically announced with series of mobile products to conceptually fit the scenario. Also it is heard that Microsoft- the partner of Facebook, is killing its messenger services for one month after the launch of Facebook messenger app for iPad.

Fully fleshed Facebook messenger for iPad having video chat, voice message and VoIP is undoubtedly another attempt to kill the home passed phones. Facebook offer combination of VoIP with social graphs to force the people to save their mobile minutes and cut off their home phone lines. With video and voice calling option, people will be able to enjoy conversation with their friends and family living abroad through their iPads.

Still Facebook needs to add up Poke and Instagram app for the iPad devices. It seems like Facebook is revamping its core product for the iPad and mobile devices and adding messenger is the first attempt.

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