LUVVITT® SILVERBACK (TM) Protective Back Skin for iPad MINI – Aluminum Color (with BONUS Screen Protector)

  • Aluminum color that matches your iPad. Low profile.
  • No bubbles. No adhesive residue. Easy to remove and reposition during installation.
  • Multi-layer structure with cutting edge technology. Pressure activated adhesive.
  • Scratch and heat resistant structure.
  • High performance and durability.

This multi-layer back skin features a new, cutting edge technology that is pressure activated which means you can easily stick, remove and reposition your SILVERBACKTM skin during installation process. And once you align it perfectly with your iPad Mini, as you wipe the skin with your finger, the pressure activated micro-glass beads will fit your iPad Minilike a true skin. SILVERBACKTM Skin by LUVVITT® leaves no adhesive residues on your iPad once you remove. This high performance and durable skin has the same color of the aluminum back of your iPad Mini and it’s scratch resistant. Keep the sleek look of your iPad with SILVERBACKTM Skin by LUVVITT® while protecting it from dirt and scratches and to Wrap It Before You Tap It

Price: 29.95 USD