iPhone 5, iPod Touch, iPad Mini Stand and Blue EarPod Case (EarPods not included)

  • The Square Jellyfish stores the new iPhone 5 Apple EarPods. Opens to form a stand for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad and most smartphones. (EARPODS NOT INCLUDED)
  • PLEASE GO TO OUR WEBSITE http://www.squarejellyfish.com for VIDEO WRAPPING INSTRUCTIONS
  • 5 fun colors to suit your style…..small size fits easily into your pocket. The case lightly locks either open or closed to stay in the desired position.
  • Hold your smartphone horizontally or vertically with our without a case and with the earphones stored.
  • See the pictures or watch a videos on our website to see how the stand works with the iPad. Works with iPad Mini with our without the cover on.

The Square Jellyfish is a EarPod case and stand designed to work with the new Apple EarPods. As a stand it will work with the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad with a case, iPad Mini and most smartphones. A high quality polishing cloth is also provided. Please go to http://www.squarejellyfish.com for more information and video instructions. Please note that the case is designed to work specifically with the new Apple EarPods. If your headphones have a microphone, please place the right earphone in the left hand cavity. This will make it easier to wrap. Earphones, phone, cables or MP3 player shown in the pictures are not included.

Price: 12.00 USD