• Compatible with Apple Smart Cover for iPad 3 and iPad 2 (the green smart cover shown in the picture is not included – back cover only)
  • Scratch resistant construction, engineered for easy grip of your iPad
  • Slips and grips onto your iPad like a glove. Available in 4 different COLORS
  • Thin, flexible, light, tear resistant material. Longer life than hard covers and silicone cases.
  • Hand-washable with mild soap and water.

Luvvitt DOLCE is a sweet companion for your official Apple Smart Cover. This low profile but elegant back cover will truly enhance the looks of your iPad while protecting it from scratches and falls. Unlike most similar companion covers, Luvvitt DOLCE covers the entire back including the area where the antenna is located, without interfering with the reception.

The cutouts are perfectly optimized to only expose the ports, buttons and the microphone hole. All the edges are covered except for the part that integrates to the Smart Cover. Luvvitt DOLCE is engineered using high-quality, scratch resistant Japanese TPU material and is micro-textured to improve the grip-ability of your iPad.

Do not confuse Luvvitt DOLCE with other similar type of covers. This is the top-shelf Smart Cover compatible cover that will look brand new over the years.

Product Specifications:
Main function: iPad back cover for protection
Color: clear / transparent
Compatibility: iPad 4 – iPad 3 – iPad 2
size and weight:
* Height: 9.7 inches (246 mm)
* Width: 7.5 inches (191 mm)
* Depth: 0.43 inches (11 mm)
* Weight: 3.2 oz.

What’s in the Box?:
1 fantastic back cover
1 beautiful PVC Ziplock packaging that can be used as a sleeve

Price: $39.95