• Compatible with all Tablets within 7″ to 8″ Inches
  • One-touch system allows user to mount or remove device easily with one hand
  • Super adhesive gel-pad securely holds mobile devices without leaving sticky residue
  • Full adjustable 0-90 degree Angle Control and full 360 degree rotation
  • Suction cup can be restored by washing it in warm water and let air-dry to reapply, reposition, or remove

We believe great products are made greater by listening to the consumer. Based on your feedback on what to change and improve, we are proud to introduce Caseology–the newest line of trendy, durable, yet budget-friendly accessories for mobile devices. Designed with you in mind.

New & Improved
Made by one of the leading manufacturers in South Korea, the home of technology, we’ve upgraded our design and guarantee only the highest quality products that are engineered to be durable, form fitting, and free of defects. Please contact us if you encounter any problems with your case!

Price: $45.99