ipad second screen

There has been a lot of buzz lately as to what new products Apple has for us in 2014. A lot of information is coming through the pipeline that Apple will launch a wearable computing device, dubbed the iWatch, in the first half of the year. Apple’s own job listings are hinting at the need for NPI Engineers to work with “new platforms as of now unannounced.” Alongside this information, J.P. Morgan recently wrote a note to investors that Apple might be headed toward a new “iAnywhere” computing platform.

AppleInsider received a copy of the note that J.P. Morgan sent. The firm believes Apple is on the way to creating a converged Mac OS and mobile OS. While Apple is working toward making OS X and iOS more compatible and seamless in compatibility, J.P. Morgan believes the company has more in store. They believe that Apple is growing iOS into a system that could potentially run Mac applications when connected to a larger screen.

“In our view, iAnywhere could be a stepping stone to a broader peripherals and services-led sales, partially reducing Apple’s dependence on device-led product cycles,” Moskowitz wrote. “Apple could generate revenue through the sale of specifically configured displays, iAnywhere-capable iPhones or iPads, and cloud-based software and storage services.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook famously noted that the company is not a fan of converging things. However, Apple’s CEOs have been known to say one thing and do another later. The iPad mini is the perfect example. Former CEO Steve Jobs called the 7-inch tablet “dead on arrival,” but the smaller-sized iPad is growing in popularity exponentially. Who knows. We may see iPads replacing laptops in the near future.