• New model as of August 28th, 2013. Improved audio quality, bigger sound, remote control functionality and seamless 1-click pairing.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver for audio docks made for iPhone 4/4S including, iHome, Bose, Logitech, JBL, Phillips, Sony, & other 30-pin iPod/iPhone speaker docks.
  • No batteries, no maintenance. Powered by the dock you connect it to. Wireless range 33 feet, 10+ meters (free space).
  • Uses the Bluetooth A2DP protocol to easily stream your audio. The dockBoss air is not compatible with systems that require digital audio signals.
  • Customer Review: “My [dockBoss air] arrived today and now I have music from my iPad to my Bose speaker. It feels like I have a new sound system. Thanks so much for your help!” Joe, New York

Bluetooth adapter for iPod dock. Just one little adapter that converts your dock into wireless speakers. dockBoss air connects to a pre-iPhone 5 (30-pin) audio dock and receives audio from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Your Bluetooth-enabled device connects seamlessly to dockBoss air so you have control of your music from your phone or tablet – up to 33 feet away. Use your speaker dock’s remote control to adjust your playlist or volume. Lightweight and small, dockBoss air passes high quality sound through a wireless connection from any device that supports the Bluetooth AD2P protocol. Amazingly clear audio, big volume, and works with every Bluetooth device. Android, iPhone, Windows, all of ’em. Yeah!

Price: $19.95