• 100% Premium Genuine Leather Case for iPad air/iPad 7 with litchi grain and soft texture that gives you comfortable feelings.
  • Sleep /wake functionality is available.
  • Cutouts allow access to all portds, switches,speakers, sensors, and camera even during charging.
  • Folds horizontally or vertically to hold device at an angle for viewing video or typing on the screen keyboard.
  • Optimal protection by absorbing shock from accidental bumps and drops.

For Those Who Long for Perfection
Not all brand use real leather, not all real leather use the first layer of cow leather!This case will ship directly from America. YOOBAO Executive Genuine Leather case for your beloved Apple iPad air/ iPad 5 with Auto Awake / Sleeping Function Yellow.
Handcrafted leather case combines luxurious styling with durable construction that secures your tablets when on display or travel. You can have access to all iPad air/ 5 cutouts such as the ports and switches, speakers and sensors, or camera even during charging. What’s more, there is a magnet in side of the cover to enable the upper and lower cover to hold together.

YOOBAO is a popular international Brand that owns Top-Three Market Shares in Asia and East Europe. We uphold the value of people-orientation, life engagement and innovation so as to create excellent high quality cases for customers around the world. YOOBAO cases maintain its highest concern on Mac rumors Forum since YOOBAO case for iPad 1 Gen hit best sales record in America in 2010.

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Price: $37.45