• Designed Specifically For the Apple iPad mini iPad mini Retina 2nd Generation.
  • Lightweight Hard Shell design adds ultimate protection
  • Built in Kick Stand for Watching Movies or Reading Books
  • Dual Layer Shock Absorbing design
  • Precise Designed. All Controls and Ports are easily Accessible.

Give your iPad mini durable protection with the Photive Lightweight Hard Shell Case. This dual-layer case features a flexible, rubberized inner shell that form-fits to your iPad mini and a shock-absorbing polycarbonate outer casing to protect against drops and impact. This case protects the iPad mini’s buttons without affecting functionality and offers full access to all of its controls and ports. A built-in kickstand makes it easy to watch your favorite videos and surf the web.

Lightweight, Durable Design for Sleek Protection
The Photive Lightweight Hard Shell Case is designed to offer tough protection for the iPad mini without unnecessary bulk. This case features a hybrid double-layer design, with a flexible, rubberized inner shell that wraps snugly around the iPad mini. A durable polycarbonate casing easily snaps on around the shell, protecting your device from shock and impact.

This case’s resilient, shock-absorbent design is ideal for iPad minis used by the whole family. Parents know all too well that small children often find ways to get their hands on an iPad mini; fortunately, this case will make it harder for them to do any damage.

Built-in Kick Stand
The back of the Photive Lightweight Hard Shell Case features a convenient kick stand ideal for propping up your iPad mini to watch video, read, or surf the web. The unobtrusive kick stand sits flush with the case when not in use.

Raised Edges Help Guard Screen from Scratches
The edges of the Photive Lightweight Hard Shell Case are slightly raised from the iPad mini’s screen surface. These raised edges allow you to rest your iPad mini screen-side down on flat surfaces without having to worry that it will get scratched.

• iPad Mini
• iPad Mini 2nd Generation (retina)

Price: $49.95