LinkedIn today revamped its “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature with new visual analytics and actionable insights. The company says its goal is to give users more ways to manage their professional identity and increase their visibility across the social network. The update will begin rolling out to English speaking members around the world today; more languages will follow but LinkedIn wouldn’t say when.

 LinkedIn revamps Whos Viewed Your Profile feature with analytics and insights to help you boost your visibility

The additional data includes the industry your viewers work in, the keyword searches that led to your profile, how they found you, and new insights including what regions they live in, what profession they are in, and what company they work for. LinkedIn has also added real-time personalized tips (such as completing your profile, sharing industry relevant articles, and professional groups you can join) to help users make themselves more discoverable to other like-minded professionals, potential employers, or business partners.

Image Credit: mariosundar / Flickr