In the month of October 2012, the site Kickstarter launched itself in U.K as a pert of their international move. They have also given the opportunity to people to directly enter payment in pounds sterling on Kickstarter rather than paying through Amazon Payments. They have also given the hint that they will launch it in other countries also. Indiegogo, another crowdfunding platform is ahead of Kickstarter as they have launched simultaneously in four countries which include Germany, U.K, Canada and France.Other than U.S dollars, Indiegogo is now offering transactions in pounds sterling, Euros and Canadian Dollars. From this month the site will also be available in German and French languages. By the beginning of 2013, the local versions of homepage will be available. for French, British, Canadian and German customers, the search and discovery experiences will also be available at the site.

The co-founder of this site named Danae Ringelmann spoke to LeWeb in Paris. According to him their priority is to widen their international offerings. He said that at present crowd-funded campaign can be listed by anyone but it can be done only in dollars until now.

In the month of August 2012, Indiegogo pronounced partnership with Stiftung Entrepreneurship and Google to set in motion the crowdfunding of Germany via Grunder-garage program. The Grunder-Garage is an online competition launched for the entrepreneurs who speak German.

This competition has managed to gather 117 entrepreneurial campaigns and small business. It has raised over 320,000 with Google’s 10,000 matching funds. This first international effort of Indiegogo earned them which is the local version in German of

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