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Sigmo Multicolour

Star Trek fans rejoice, the universal translator is finally here…well sort of.

The Sigmo voice translator is capable of translating 25 different earth languages, is portable and comes in a variety of colours. Works with both iOS and Android via Bluetooth.

Imagine you’re traveling in a foreign country and you walk into a restaurant where no one speaks your language. Ordering food or drink could end up being quite an ordeal. With the Sigmo, all you have to do is push a button and speak into the device. It will output your translation over the speaker, in the language you’ve selected. Push another button, have your partner in conversation speak into the device and it will output in your language.


You can choose from:

English (US), English (UK), English (Australia), English (Canada), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (United States), Spanish (Mexico), French (France), French (Canada), Finish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese (China), Mandarin and Cantonese(Taiwan / Hong Kong), Catalan, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Russian, Arabic, Indonesian, Hebrew, Czech, Turkish, African, Malay, Croatian, Thai, Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish, Slovak, Hungarian, Ukranian, Hindi.

Unfortunately, I don’t see an option for Klingon

. Maybe in the next version…

Live long and prosper.


Check it out at:

Android poker apps have made millions of poker players around the world with some marvelous breaking features. In modern age of time Android poker apps are becoming favorite day by day for all of the online poker lovers. It is very convenient and incredibly rewarding online game playing on Android Mobiles.
Having Android device in hand along with the Wi-Fi connection, you can enjoy playing poker games. All you need to do is to download Android poker app from the Google Play Store. Poker has become no.1 game on Android with the million of fans ready to go for big pots. Recently there are many different types of Android poker apps which you can easily download with your fondness, requirement and situation. Now there are hundreds of free Android poker games in the mobile Apps store.Android device let you connect with web cashier and bank accounts so to manage your payroll for enjoying bets. You can use your Android web cashier for depositing and withdrawing real money for playing amazing poker games.

Players can play for real money at their skills level and also practice free using play money and can instantly join your favorite games and tournaments with a simple click. If you want to excel your playing abilities, you should practice on Android device with finest mobile experience, so to later become able to perform better in tournaments and long gaming sessions. When it all come moving together at a time on online Android poker App than you always be sure that you are going to experience the same amount of enjoyment as you get on your laptop or PC.

Through Android poker app you would be able to search out the best poker player around the world no matter where you live and can compete against them in the currently available tournaments. It gives the additional bonus, payouts and prizes to get selected in the poker tournaments which will please you with high bounties. Android poker tournaments also offer extra payments to the knockout players.

Through this famous app you will be able to grow your skills and become famous in poker world.

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Facebook has launched the new version of iPhone for status shuffle. 1.1 million users have used this 90 million times. It allows the people to search through the database of community in millions to find out the status as per their mood and they use to set it as their Facebook status.
“Status Shuffle is a perfect fit for mobile,” said Oz Solomon, Social Graph Studios’ founder and CEO. “People do not need to type their status they can easily shuffle it by swiping and taping. Lots of user spends their idle time by using this because shuffling through all is funny, poignant, inspirational which is great source of entertainment.”

On February 7, 2013 iPhone celebrated the two years anniversary of status shuffle, and offered the full version of the status shuffle on the iPhones for free by the social graph studios in the iOS App store.

Status shuffle helps the user to find the status message that they can post on their face book timeline. By using status shuffle the user of status shuffle can automatically temperate the content simply. Via the web, mobile web and iOS apps more than 1.6 billion times people can voted on status, set their staus, shared status or saved a status as their favourite.

On recent iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices Status Shuffle is available and works. It shares the same database and it builds on Status Shuffle Facebook app. This mean that users of iOS have full access to all Status Shuffle statuses and users favourite will be available on web versions of Status Shuffle and iOS.

Status shuffle for iPhone is easily accessible to the impaired, blind and people which have print disabilities by using zoom and voiceover.

Solomon said that “We saw a lot of requests from visually impaired people to use Status Shuffle.” “So for them we added full Voiceover support. We are very proud of that for over a one year status shuffle has been accessible. For doing this we get lots of comments from people thanking us for this. We also hope that users will also take advantage of the 2-year anniversary giveaway.”

People who are interested in using status shuffle iPhone application can easily find it in the iTunes store at /id415888970?mt=8. Status Shuffle Lite (free version) is available at /id415901080?mt=8. Status Shuffle is also available as a Facebook app at: http://apps.Facebook .com/status-shuffle?from=pr1.It is also supported on Android via the mobile web version of the app

Over 5 years ago status shuffle on Facebook was launched which is the original flavor of status shuffle. Solomon said that “We saw tremendous growth in social apps over the last 5 years and then tremendous growth in mobile apps over the last two. We are excited to be at the convergence of both social and mobile.”

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There are many apps available that can simplify your life. Read on for information on how to use the iphone to your advantage.

When you’d like to write an email or type up a note, and aren’t interested in using the words your iphone is suggesting, you don’t need to press X to get rid of the suggestion box. Instead, tap your screen anywhere, and instantly, the box will vanish.

There is an alternative to finding a contact on your iphone besides flicking through your contacts list. First, hold down on the alphabetical contacts screen. Then, simply slide up or down. This will give you a more controlled way to search through contacts.

Through the aid of Siri, you can create custom location reminders. Instead of telling it to call work at a certain time, you can tell it to remind you to call when you arrive home. You now say “Siri, please remind me when I arrive home to phone work.” So, when the phone realizes your location has changed, the relevant reminder can be issued. This is convenient for times that you want a reminder, but don’t know exactly what time you’ll need the reminder.

As you navigate websites, try using one and then two fingers to scroll through it. If there are smaller windows within the larger webpage, one-finger scrolling navigates through each individual window. To scroll down the whole page, use two fingers.

Do you want to have different alert tones than all your friends? You can eliminate this problem by customizing your tones. Look in Settings and select “Sounds.” Choose a different alert. From there, choose the option that allows you to purchase additional tones.

If you want to stay on top of your email, tag your account to your iphone. This is essential, because you can receive instant notifications any time a new email arrives, allowing you to read it immediately. You may choose to sync just one account or several different email accounts to your iphone.

Headphone Cord

After you know how to take pictures using the volume buttons, try using the headphone cord. Keep a steady hand when you are taking the picture and press the button found on your headphone cord. Your iphone is unlikely to be shaking during your picture if you do it this way.

Use the camera located on the interior of the phone to capture stunning, realistic photographs. The built in camera on your iphone allows you to take lots of pictures. If you transfer them over to your computer, you’ll be able to take as many pictures as you’d like. If you own an iphone, you do not have to waste money on purchasing a digital camera.

Consider getting insurance for your iphone. The guarantee of your phone, coupled with insurance, is all you need. Make sure your iphone is protected by a case in order to prevent damage from dropping.

Always make sure your OS is upgraded to the most recent version. Apple iPhones are close to being as complex as some computers today, so keeping your phone updated will include any necessary patches, bug fixes, security fixes or functionality issues. Updates also help protect any personal information stored on your phone.

Consider using an app to manage your battery life. These apps can help you discover which programs and functions are burning your battery the fastest. They will also notify you about calibration, which is an important part of caring for your battery.

The iphone is incredibly versatile. You can use the BlinqTV app (which is free) to make a remote of your phone. DVD players, TVs or even receivers can be controlled by your iphone. You can also program your device to remind you that a certain show is about to come on.

If you know anyone with an iphone, you have seen some get their minds blown by the technology in their hands, for better and for worse. To get a handle yourself on the many possibilities that an iphone represents, apply all the tips, tricks and techniques you learned in this article.

Owning a new iphone can improve your life in a lot of different ways. A new user, or an elderly person, may find the Iphone a bit complex. People who have used the iphone for a long time still do not know everything there is to know about it. Read on to learn some tips to help you use your iphone more effectively.

The iphone has screenshot capabilities that can be used whenever you want. To use this feature, simply press the power and home buttons at the same time. By pressing both at the same time, you will get a snapshot of the current display and it will immediately get stored in the images app.

Don’t close your email app if you have to leave in the middle of writing an email. Instead, hit “cancel.” You will be given the option of saving the email in draft form for future completion. Select “yes” and you return to the draft email later on.

The “unread” email command isn’t in plain sight, so you will have to find it. When you go to the details, you can tap on the feature for unread messages, and when you view the message again, it appears as unread.

One of the greatest benefits of the iphone is the ability to use FaceTime. This lets users see the individual they are conversing with. You can use it by going into your contacts and choosing to start a FaceTime call. If you hit it, you’ll start a video chat with the other person.

Update your phone when new updates are out. Updates to your phone protect your phone and should be installed as soon as possible. This also protects you by ensuring that your images and information are safely stored. In the unfortunate event that your phone is lost or damaged, you can at least take comfort in knowing that your important data is not gone for good.

Weather App

When the weather is on your mind, the classical Weather App has always reigned supreme. One of the convenient features of the iphone weather app is that you can obtain not only current weather but forecasting for the next 12 hours by tapping on your local weather. You can ask Siri for an hourly breakdown as well.

Is there a certain person or people that you text frequently? Save these numbers in your favorites. You can use your recent and favorite call lists as a place to not only return a call, but to also send text messages. There is a tiny arrow next to the contact where you can select text message by tapping it. This will also allow you quickly contact any missed call.

Obtain an app that can change your iphone into a storage device for music, pictures and videos. With this app, you are able to upload pictures, brief videos, music and text files. Simply plug the iphone into your computer to get instant access to files. Or, you could even open the right from the iphone.

Use the social media on your iphone to connect with family and friends. You can update your friends very quick with Facebook and Twitter through your iphone. You can also read all of your friends’ news and stay on top of trends using your favorite social media apps.

Do you want to back up your contacts on your phone? This can simply be done by getting a neat little app that is called iDrive Lite. This app lets you share and restore your general contact list. It will not cost anything if you have your phone updated to at least 2. prior to beginning the process.

Use shortcuts for words, to type faster on your iphone. Within the Settings menu, go to Keyboard in the General section. There you will find Add New Shortcut. It is easy to input shortcuts for frequently used terms and phrases just by adding acronyms or abbreviated forms. Using these shortcuts while you type will insert the proper phrases or letter combinations automatically.

When using Safari on your iphone, you don’t have to key in the “.com” extension when you want to visit a site. You can visit by just typing “Yahoo” instead of the whole address.

Is your iphone simply pestering you with way too many notifications? Here’s how you can turn them off. Go to your notifications center under the “Settings” button. Examine which apps are listed in the heading and delete things that you don’t need. This will also help your battery last longer.

Many people enjoy using the iphone. Having one broadens all of your social and business opportunities. Hopefully, this article provided some very useful information to improve upon the experience of iphone ownership. Use some of the tips mentioned to maximize the iphone experience.

I have never been one to get very involved in the more social aspects of gaming for the iDevice but the latest app I was asked to review really gave me no choice. Star Diamonds Paradise, which was developed by Star Arcade, is a puzzle game that is designed to be played against an opponent – a real human one online, not some computer generated foe. Now I may not be used to battling online much from my iDevice (in this case my iPad but the app is also compatible with the iPhone and the iPod Touch) but I am competitive in general so quite looking forward to a challenge – I hoped – I paid my $1.99 (there is a free version but its full of ads) and fired up the app ready to head into battle….

Sounds and Graphics 4/5

colorful puzzler

Even from the start up registration screens I was impressed with the colors and clarity of the graphics. This is (on the face of it at least) a rather simple game and while there is no need for the graphics to be over complicated the fact that they are bright, very easy on the eye and attractive is a definite plus.

In terms of sound there is just enough. A nice little background ditty, all the right noises when your chains come together and very little else. This is not a bad thing as this game, when you get serious about it requires quite a bit of concentration and who needs some unnecessary noises distracting them?

Overall I think that Star Diamonds Paradise has a great interface and in this category merits a 4/5 for sure.

Gameplay 4/5

The premise behind Star Diamonds Paradise is a ridiculously simple one. Faced with a screen full of hexagons, each of which has a different symbol on it, your aim is to sweep together as long a chain of like boxes as you can.

Before you can begin to play you have to create an account. There is a Facebook integration to make the process faster, which I found very convenient, but you can also opt to create a stand alone Star Arcade account if you choose to instead. Either way the process only takes a minute or so and you are then all set to take on any opponents that come your way.

The fact that you are facing an opponent at all times is where the real challenge lies. If you were playing alone then you would have all the time in the world to scan the rows looking for the best possible chains but the clock is ticking and someone, somewhere, is tapping their foot impatiently waiting for their turn! Often, frustratingly I would see a better chain after the fact, when I had already made my move, at which point my only hope was that my unseen, unknown opponent would not see it either!

There are bonuses for extra long chains and there are a few nasty surprises to avoid in the form of dynamite and other nasties. They are easy to see but if you are busy trying to build what you think is a really big chain then they can be just as easy to overlook too! You can collect tile sets to gain extra powers and there are other power ups to be earned that can beef up your cred as a worthy opponent as well.

Play with friends

At the end of each game if the player you are up against is also a registered player instead of a unknown guest you have the opportunity to interact with them. In fact you can build yourself quite the little army of friendly foes if you like, not something I’ve ever really done before but it was actually rather neat.

How much of a challenge you will find Star Diamonds Paradise to be will depend, to a great extent, on how good your opponent is. Some people were really bad and ran away from the game after just a few moves while others presented me with a real challenge. One of the great things about the social networking aspect of the game though is that once you find a worthy opponent you can hook up and then challenge each other directly (as well as engage in a little trash talking too!)

Overall I really rather liked this game so I think it deserves a here too.

Value for Money 3.5/5

As I mentioned there are both free and paid versions of Star Diamonds Paradise. The paid version I used to review the game I installed on my iPad but I did add the free version to my iPhone, just to see how annoying the ads were, or how limited the free gameplay was.

The actual gameplay in both versions seems very much the same and the ads in the free version did not intrude on the game directly but they certainly slowed it down. Given the very extensive replay value of this game though $1.99 is a relatively reasonable price.


Star Diamonds Paradise is a neat little time waster and as my introduction to social gaming versus just keeping track of high scores in the Game Center or Open Feint it was an enjoyable one. I think if you are a puzzle fan this really is a game worth trying – and if you do ,look me up and challenge me because I am getting better and looking for new foes…


With more than half of all US households reportedly owning at least one of its products, Apple is a company that is continually topping satisfaction surveys in America and the world over. Today, the company has been named the top consumer brand in Japan, an accolade that it holds for the first time.

Apple not only topped the list with 90.5 points (out of 100) for total brand power, with its iPad and “two other key products” making the list for the top-40 brands.

The company ranked second behind Toyota in a separate survey of businesspeople, highlighting the effectiveness of the company’s products in the enterprise, as employees increasingly bring their own devices into the workplace.

Earlier in the month, we reported that for the seventh time in a row, Apple topped the US-based J.D Power Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Study, beating HTC and Samsung into first place, with consumers warming to the ease of operation and features of its products.

Polling 7,080 smartphone owners, J.D Power’s rankings showed that Apple scored 839 points from a 1,000-point scale, with HTC obtaining a rating of 798 points and Samsung following with 769 (lower than the industry average).

The consumer study, commissioned by Nikkei BP Consulting Inc., polled over 52,000 people between November and December 2011, collating data on 1,000 consumer market brands and 500 business brands to provide overall brand power scores for each company.


When Microsoft co-founder and CEO Bill Gates handed the reins of the tech giant to his longtime comrade and right-hand man Steve Ballmer in January 2000, the path was fairly clear.


After some bumps, the company was finally transitioning into an Internet era, but the PC was assured of a prominent place, and its flagship Windows was still the king of the computing world.

Things are quite different 13 years later, as Ballmer announced his plan to step down in 12 months.

In fact, Ballmer is leaving whoever will eventually take over for him with a substantially weaker and less influential company, which has just made yet another organizational change to head down an uncertain path toward something Microsoft calls being a “devices and services” company.

It’s clearly not a very pretty legacy, mostly due to larger external trends that were impossible to resist, and stubborn management by Ballmer who tried too hard to resist them.

In fact, Ballmer was famous for discounting pretty much all of the products that have defined the recent computing age.

His comments about the iPhone in 2007 to USA Today distill it perfectly: “There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.”

The result of such thinking? The PC industry is tanking, and Microsoft’s longtime partners are struggling in an era where mobile devices – mostly made by others – are flourishing.

Windows 8 was a stab at redefining the company’s operating system for a world sure to be dominated by mobile devices. But, as shown by the tepid response to the software – and to the initial Surface tablet device the company makes itself – Microsoft has a long way to go in that effort.

It’s like that across the Microsoft empire, which too often feels like it is in its sunset.

In phones, Microsoft has thus far decided not to make its own products, casting its lot largely with Nokia, although the company is said to have some phone designs of its own in the back pocket, if not the front. But so far those efforts lag well behind mobile rulers Apple and Google.

In search, Bing has established itself as the only real rival to Google, but Microsoft remains a distant runner-up, without a clear path to significant profits.

Microsoft retains a key spot in core business software, but the dual trends of cloud services and the consumerization of corporate technology mean that many of today’s young companies are forsaking traditional software in favor of options from Google, and others.

The continued strength in the business sector played to Ballmer’s own abilities and interests, of course. But in an era of fast-moving apps, mobile-first mentalities, and the need for nimbleness and speed over brute force, he had become the wrong leader for Microsoft.

Perhaps that’s why Ballmer recently tried to redefine the company as being “One Microsoft.”

In a memo to employees, Ballmer had written, “we are rallying behind a single strategy as one company – not a collection of divisional strategies,” and that the changes “will enable us to execute even better on our strategy to deliver a family of devices and services that best empower people for the activities they value most and the enterprise extensions and services that are most valuable to business.”

Later, in another memo, titled “Transforming Our Company,” Ballmer added, “as the times change, so must our company.”

Indeed, and just now the other shoe in that sentiment just dropped, perhaps as it had to and as it should have.


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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer may be retiring, but the man could never be described as “retiring.” Ballmer was a frequent speaker at D conferences, so our video archive holds a sense of his legacy and his tone over the past decade.

At D5 in 2007, Ballmer demoed the first Microsoft Surface (the big multitouch table), said “We’re firmly behind Zune,” and told Walt Mossberg that Microsoft would never develop a phone.

Ballmer and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates appeared together at D6, where they discussed the early days, their working dynamic, walking away from buying Yahoo, and gave a preview of Windows 7. Here’s the first part:

Ballmer introduced Microsoft’s new search play, Bing, at D7:

And at D8, he appeared with Microsoft’s then-Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie to discuss competition, tablets and the notion of syncing. Ballmer admitted, “We missed a whole cycle” of smartphones, and they both critiqued Android.


  • Ballmer at D: The Bold, the Brash and the Bombastic (Video)
  • For Ballmer, Resistance Was Futile
  • Steve Ballmer Just Made $769 Million
  • Here’s Steve Ballmer’s Memo to Employees Announcing his Retirement from Microsoft
  • Microsoft CEO Ballmer to Retire Within 12 Months
  • No Heir – Though Lots of Spares – To the Microsoft Throne in New Reorg of Tech Giant
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