Nexscience LLC. is the document reader app for the Microsoft office. It let the users to download, view, store and share the documents of Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheet, PDF documents, and Power Point Presentation.
The documents can be downloaded from the computers or via Wi-Fi or USB or directly from internet. Nexscience LLC allows the users to visualise the documents in the portrait or landscape mode and also it can viewed in the offline mode.Nexscience LLC. is so efficient that downloaded documents even can be viewed where there is no availability of the internet connection (like in airplanes, during traveling) or at the place where Wi-Fi and 3G signals are too week.

Nexscience LLC. app is the lightweight office which can be taken at any place in the pocket. It enables the users to develop their backups of documents. Users can also generate their pocket spreadsheets and do their basic work processing. With Nexscience LLC., users can get quick access to the word, spreadsheets, and PDF documents, memos, notes and presentations.

Nexscience LLC. supports the multiple file formats. It enables users to directly open their attached emails, send emails with attached files and file deleting, moving, unzipping and renaming. Users can also create their text files, organize files in the folders and the sub folders and do de-compression with the unzip.

Nexscience LLC. also allows the transfer of files from PC/MAC to the iDevices and vice versa by using the USB cables. And guess what the app is available in only $1.99

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