Facebook has launched the new version of iPhone for status shuffle. 1.1 million users have used this 90 million times. It allows the people to search through the database of community in millions to find out the status as per their mood and they use to set it as their Facebook status.
“Status Shuffle is a perfect fit for mobile,” said Oz Solomon, Social Graph Studios’ founder and CEO. “People do not need to type their status they can easily shuffle it by swiping and taping. Lots of user spends their idle time by using this because shuffling through all is funny, poignant, inspirational which is great source of entertainment.”

On February 7, 2013 iPhone celebrated the two years anniversary of status shuffle, and offered the full version of the status shuffle on the iPhones for free by the social graph studios in the iOS App store.

Status shuffle helps the user to find the status message that they can post on their face book timeline. By using status shuffle the user of status shuffle can automatically temperate the content simply. Via the web, mobile web and iOS apps more than 1.6 billion times people can voted on status, set their staus, shared status or saved a status as their favourite.

On recent iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices Status Shuffle is available and works. It shares the same database and it builds on Status Shuffle Facebook app. This mean that users of iOS have full access to all Status Shuffle statuses and users favourite will be available on web versions of Status Shuffle and iOS.

Status shuffle for iPhone is easily accessible to the impaired, blind and people which have print disabilities by using zoom and voiceover.

Solomon said that “We saw a lot of requests from visually impaired people to use Status Shuffle.” “So for them we added full Voiceover support. We are very proud of that for over a one year status shuffle has been accessible. For doing this we get lots of comments from people thanking us for this. We also hope that users will also take advantage of the 2-year anniversary giveaway.”

People who are interested in using status shuffle iPhone application can easily find it in the iTunes store at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/status-shuffle-for-Facebook /id415888970?mt=8. Status Shuffle Lite (free version) is available at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/status-shuffle-lite-for-Facebook /id415901080?mt=8. Status Shuffle is also available as a Facebook app at: http://apps.Facebook .com/status-shuffle?from=pr1.It is also supported on Android via the mobile web version of the app http://m.statusshuffle.com.

Over 5 years ago status shuffle on Facebook was launched which is the original flavor of status shuffle. Solomon said that “We saw tremendous growth in social apps over the last 5 years and then tremendous growth in mobile apps over the last two. We are excited to be at the convergence of both social and mobile.”

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