BoXperiments is the new puzzle game for the users of iPhone and iPad. This puzzle game has 12 levels which let you earn three stars. If you want to beat your friends in completing the puzzle boxes you have to defeat time. The less time you will take to solve the puzzles, more you will be able to beat the clock.

This game is about a little Martian who has lost his boxes in the space as he fall asleep. You have to retrieve those boxes as quickly as you can in order to earn the highest score. When all of the boxes retrieve you will be able to earn points in each level.
BoXperiments is not like ordinary puzzle game. It let you challenge your pals to defeat you in high scores. You can ask your friends to download this wonderful game in their smart devices and can challenge them in defeating you.

BoXperiments’ latest version is being released and is available on the iTunes App Store. With the passing time, new updates will also be offered to the users free of cost.

With the purpose of enhancing user’s interest in game, developers have proffered promo codes. These promo codes can be availed for enjoying free testing. Try this new game and I can bet you won’t be able to save yourself from its spell.

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