Smash phone introduces a new application ‘HYPER SENSITIVITY DISORDER’ application. This application helps its users to know about the allergy reactions and health related problems and to know the awareness that how users can control their health issues by using this application. This is the first free of cost application of smash phone that users can avail this opportunity when they want. This tells the users that this is the official application and all the forecasts will be done with the WEBMD health corporation.By this WEBMD this tells the users that their allergy reaction is high and they have to control it with different medicines and treatments. Its also tells that what are different types of allergies have taken place according to the weather so that users can be ready to face it. This WEBMD is a big source of providing the health issues information, health care professionals, employers and health plans through public and private online answers. This application will also help to parents to know about the allergies for other family members to better trace that why this allergy has been taken place. This WEBMD provides easy access to physician reviewed information with the help of different steps. First allergy and weather forecast (this will help the WEBMD to forecast the allergy reaction), second arrange allergen alerts (state notifications on high allergy reactions and give alarm to its users), third information on seven allergy categories (WEBMD provides the allergy information indoor, outdoor, drugs etc), fourth creating multiple user profiles for the whole family members (track different allergy reactions with the different applications for users other family members as well).

WEBMD health corporation survey to their mobile users to better understand which allergy key factor suffering to its users and this will help the application to better provide the best way to its users. With this application the users get very attracted as because all of the users in the world will get allergy alerts for them and for their other family members as well at their door step by just using this single application all over the world.

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