Apple’s latest iOS update suggests the possibility for quad-core processing support on the next iPhones and iPads. While this is not a confirmation from Apple, sources from have uncovered evidence on Apple’s current testing for quad-core A6 chips.

Beneath the iOS 5.1 beta is a processing-core management software that explains support of the quad-core CPU chips. A hidden panel in the iOS software describes the cores being supported by the iOS device: “/cores/core.0” refers to single-core A4 chips and “cores/core.1” refers to dual-core A5 chips. Surprisingly, a new label surfaces which hints for a quad-core CPU.

/cores/core.3” appears on the iOS 5.1 beta core management. If you do the math based on Apple’s core management labeling, this translates to quad-core processing. The presence of a quad-core CPU in an iOS device is simply powerful. This would mean extra horsepower, operating system navigation enhancement, and faster execution of apps. Moreover, the potential to support extremely high-resolution displays as well as support for Final Cut Pro is promising.

Let’s just hope this will come be released as soon as possible. Even before iPhone 5 is released. This surely would take iPhone a mile ahead of its closest competitor, the Android.