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It has not been a universal phenomenon by any means but after the joyous first week of this World Cup a number of games have taken a turn for the physical and the cynical as the prospect of elimination has become more immediate. That may be an indication that the emphasis in the knockout stage will be rather more attritional than the tournament has been up until now.

An ugly and bruising encounter ended in a stalemate that meant France progressed at the head of the group and will face Nigeria in the second round while Ecuador were eliminated, undone, ultimately, by the last-minute goal they conceded in their opening game against Switzerland.

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Campaigners call for release of 29-year-old Mubarak Bala, who lives in Kano in Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim north

A Nigerian man has been incarcerated in a mental health institution by his family after saying he had lost his belief in God.

Mubarak Bala, 29, is said to have been forcibly medicated for “insanity” for nearly two weeks, despite a doctor’s opinion that he has no psychological problems.

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Google Glass

Ready to become a Google Glass “explorer?” You’ve once again got the chance. One month after putting a limited stock of Glass on sale for a single day, Google said Tuesday that the face-mounted computer is available to consumers once again. Last month was the first time Glass was made available to the general public. Glass was initially available only to developers, but Google slowly expanded the program to include regular people. The company terms these early adopters “Google Glass explorers,” and the project remains in beta mode. In a Google+ post, Google said Glass will remain in the explorer program while the company tweaks its hardware and software. But as long as supplies last, anyone in the United States can buy one on Google’s online store.

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Netflix has officially raised the monthly price of membership for new members, who will now have to fork over $9 a month. That’s a dollar more than the $8 price point the company has charged for several years. If you’re an existing Netflix subscriber, you don’t have to worry; the company has promised your monthly fee won’t go up for two years. Netflix says the price increase was needed to continue adding more movies and TV shows and delivering a great streaming experience. The move comes shortly after Netflix signed expensive deals with Comcast and Verizon to provide faster and more reliable access for its customers. While the improved speeds were a costly move for Netflix, the effects can already be seen. Since signing the deal with Comcast at the end of February, Netflix’s streaming speeds on Comcast have improved by 60 percent. No one likes price increases, but existing Netflix subscribers don’t have to worry yet – they can rest comfortably for the next two years and still enjoy a better streaming experience.

iGlowSound Speaker

Music affects us all in different ways, and the exterior factors that surround how we listen to our tunes can have an impact on our reaction to it. Being alone in a dark room and listening to metal has a widely different feeling than listening to folk in the same setting. For some, music is good and well on its own, but they don’t always want to focus only on the sound.

Pulsing lights in combination with the right music can create a relaxed setting, party vibe, or help you get through a workout routine. The iGlowSound Speaker can do all of this, by having 6 compartmentalized orbs that will dance and groove to the beat. There are 3 light modes, including a nightlight, pulse, and breathe mode. Of course, you can also turn off the lights completely if you would prefer only sound.

This speaker will work with any device that has a 3.5mm jack, and is fairly straightforward in usage. There is a dedicated button for the lights as well as controls for the volume. You can choose a black, blue, pink, red, or white-bodied speaker with black speakers. While this would give a neat effect when used in tandem with your playlist, it is a bit outrageously priced at $79.99. The pulsing light aspect is enticing, and it will keep your phone charged thanks to a built-in USB port, but the quality of the speakers aren’t addressed, and it isn’t wireless.

Available for purchase on isound

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Barbershop hand massager

The way we approach personal grooming seems to change more and more with every passing year. Compared to the Victorian era, getting ready for the day is a piece of cake. However, some aspects of moving to a more casual model of dress has lost us some of the refinery that past generations viewed as commonplace.

If you went to a barbershop years ago, it was normal practice for a scalp, neck, and shoulder massage to follow a shave and cut. Nowadays, we’re lucky if we get the haircut appointment at all, let alone the style we actually asked for. While we can’t ask our hairdressers to do something they’re not accustomed to, we can get the tools to have that experience ourselves. The Authentic Barbershop Vibration Massager is a device that goes on the back of your hand, and uses a 15-watt motor to vibrate 6 ball bearings laterally and vertically to give your hands a little extra oomph when giving a massage.

This of course, has to be used by someone else on you for it to feel more effective on your head and shoulders, but can be used on your legs and arms. The massager has a rubber pad to ensure a good grip, and a chrome exterior on top. While the idea behind this is great, it doesn’t really seem worth the $169.95 to buy something that will make your hands vibrate. It would likely be better money spent on a full body massage.

Available for purchase on Hammacher
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