Google debut its device with O2, who was their partner at the initial stages in UK’s market. Now Google is bringing its device Nexus 4 to another well known carrier in the market called Three. Nexus 4 is a Smartphone powered with Android 4.2. It will be available from December 13th on Three. Either you can buy it on per month contract of 35 with upfront cost of 29 or it is available pre-paid for 399.99. It is also available for a 2 year contract that offers high on-network talk and text limits along with unlimited data.

This new carrier partner of Google came in market just one month after the launch of Nexus 4. It became popular and made quick sell-outs in the market of UK and other parts of the world as well. The latest Smartphone of Google has been experiencing problem regarding its supply in the market. Either the supply of this Smartphone is very short or its demand is very high, but according to a report Google has improved is shipping time. It will be interesting to see Google expanding its availability in the market.

Nexus 4 might offer good speeds on Three’s network DS-HSDPA. Recently it was revealed that a hack enables the users to switch on LTE on the device manually which is not a good thing for the users of Three. Three is planning to bring its 1800MHz LTE network in the market but this network is not compatible with Nexus 4 AWS LTE. The interesting thing here to note will be that how many people will prefer to buy the Nexus 4 from carriers rather than buying it directly from the Google at cheaper prices and then selecting the network of their own choice.

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