Each year, Apple updates the iOS for its valued customers. The upgraded version of iOS offers better performance for the iOS devices. Users of iPhone, iPod, iPad and MAC can enjoy the latest development in their iOS software.

iOS updates eliminates the signs of aging from the smartphones and tablets. Users can enjoy the powering features on their iDevices. There are rumors that Apple will soon launch the upgraded iOS 5 for new iPhone. Stories are still not confirmed and it is expected that upgraded iOS will be introduce in new iPhone, late this year. The updated version of iOS 5 can be enjoyed on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 and third and fourth generation of iPods.

Users will be able to enjoy the upgraded iOS on their iDevices without paying a single penny. Stories are there that iPhone with new updated version of iOS will change the entire use of device. Users will get plenty of control on their notifications. They can configure the way for sorting the notifications. They can highlight which apps should and should not send notification by upgrading iOS. Users are allowed to set the things like they want. They can lock the notification screen with new iPhone iOS. They can also use the pass code for unlocking the notification screen. The notification ease can be enjoyed with the updated iOS 5.

With updated iOS 5, users will be able to enjoy the new story of iMessages with their iPhones. They will be able to send and receive the text messages, group messages and MMS messages from other iDevices. iMessages has bestowed the communication platform for the fans of the new iPhone, now they can create their stories. Users will be allowed to send iMessages for free. It will not be added in their message quotas. They can even cancel their texting plans if their friends have iDevices. They just have to upgrade their iOS Software.

The updated iOS 5 will dictate a new story for the success of iPhone. Users will be allowed to have better downloading speed. They can enjoy downloading different apps from the iTunes and enjoy them in great speed. With upgraded version of iOS 5 for iPhone will support the tabbed browsing with safari.

Moreover, the new story about updated iOS 5 iphone version is enhanced features of camera and photo apps. Users will be able to modify the taken snaps in variety of ways. They can enjoy red eye reduction, cropping, rotating and editing in remarkable manner, with upgraded iOS 5.

Similarly, mailing, face timing, Siri, maps, calendars and miscellaneous features can be enjoyed with the upgraded iOS 5. Users can write new stories with their updated iOS 5 iPhone.

Apple has recommended to update the iOS by connecting the device with PC or Mac. The upgrade iOS 5 is in several gigabytes. Users can download it from iTunes by plugging the iPhone on charging. Or else, they can download the new updated iOS software on PC or Mac and then install it in iPhone.

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