All the mysteries held to the rest when Apple has officially revealed the new generation of iPad. Rumors and leaked information has entitled the latest version as iPad3. This version is no more known as iPad3. The technological world has swapped its name to the iPad 2012.

The un-boxing of the new iPad is showcasing multiple new features of the product. Apple has given the world something to touch and enjoy the numerous alarming features. Apple has anticipated that this tablet will become the hot selling tablet for the year 2012. In the nutshell, Apple has set the benchmarking features in its new iTouch device.

The list of the features of new iPad 2012 is explained below:

  1. New Processor: Apple has launched new iPad 3 with the A5X processor. This processor has quad core graphics. This has made the iPad3 as strong as any high end desktop. iPad 2 was having the dual core processor and was entitled as the powerful tablets of its time. iPad 3 has set a new benchmark and it will give tough time to the competition.
  2. Retina display: The high definition display of iPad3 is the highest display on any tablet. The screen of the iPad3 works on 3.1 million pixels or 2048 x 1536 pixels. The existing applications of iPad will give high display and user can enjoy the apps with much better resolution. Additionally, the display will enthusiast the developers to launch high graphic apps for iPad3.
  3. Cloud computing: iCloud technology that was lauched back in 2011 is the part of the new iPad3. Users can use the iClouding for directly downloading the apps, photos, songs, calendars and music from iTunes. They do not need to use their iPad memory for storing the data.
  4. Weight and design: The weight of the new iPad3 is 662 grams. This device is 61 grams heavier than the old version. The design of the iPad3 is much similar to that of the iPad2. Apple has not worked on improving the appearance of the iPad.
  5. Camera: The camera in the iPad3 is of 5 megapixels. It has ability to capture the 1080 by 720p of video recording. Moreover, it can work over the 60 frames per second. The camera of iPad3 is improved than its predecessor.
  6. 4G LTE: The iPad 2012 is capable of 4G LTE. The iPad3 has great wireless connectivity, as it comes with the EV-DO (3.1 Mbps), dual carrier HSDPA (42 Mbps), HSPA+ (21 Mbps) and LTE (73 Mbps). Users will be able to enjoy high speed connectivity with this device.
  7. Siri technology: The new iPad3 is installed with the siri technology. This will allow the iPad3 to support the voice recognition and the navigations. The new siri technology will support more languages, like French, British English, Australian English, American English, Japanese and French.
  8. Fingerprint proof: The screen of the new iPad3 is fingerprint resistant. It will not make any mark of oil and the fingerprints on screen. The screen is installed with the oleophobic coating.

These magical features have raised the par of competition and set the benchmark for the other tablets. Android will have to work hard for beating the high spec features of iPad 2012.

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