By now, it’s basically accepted that the next generation of iOS devices will have a new dock connector. Apple’s even patented it. But among the glory of the new technology, I’m seeing a ton of complaints. Here’s why I think the new Apple Dock will be a good thing:

new iphone connector 300x228 The New Apple Dock Connector is a Good Thing

It is smaller, which is good for a myriad of reasons

The first thing that comes to mind is a smaller iPhone. But how much thinner can you really go and make a solid feeling device?

The real upside to a smaller dock connector is more room on the inside of the phone, be it for battery, antennas, or even the fancy NFC that Android phones are being packaged with nowadays.

It really is time for change

As it stands, the 30 pin connector is obsolete. Multiple ports for FireWire, iPod Video and other jibber-jabber that nobody uses anymore makes for wasted space. It was going to change someday, so why not today?

Apple is aiming to cut the cord

If it isn’t clear to you yet with Apple’s iCloud, iTunes Match, Wi-Fi Syncing, and lack of optical media, Apple really doesn’t like wires or discs. While some may believe that it’s better for the user to have a cable or physical buttons, you have to agree it’s not as elegant. And elegance is Apple’s motto. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear of inductive charging from Apple, with a reliance on Wi-Fi and 3G for syncing.

Even though Apple is very confident in their bold design choices, they know they can’t cut the cable yet. But it’s coming, and this is the in-between of the two extremes. But keep an eye on the horizon, because this is a pretty big hint of things to come.