TopCoder recently announced that it has launched two developer competitions to build an iPad app for NASA. In collaboration with the space program, contestants can use TopCoder’s open innovation community and process to create a food tracking app for NASA’s astronauts. The contest is open to all developers, but the deadline to enter is only a few days away.

We here on earth have a difficult time tracking our food intake. Astronauts in who are floating round in outer space have an even tougher time, what with that microgravity environment and all. They are even more susceptible to nutrition deficiency. Our space adventurers need a food tracker and that is where you come in.

“NASA Needs your help in developing a new iPad application- the ISS F.I.T. (Food Intake Tracker).” By entering the contest, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of a collaborative effort to design, develop and produce an app to help NASA’s ISS crew members to easily track their dietary intake.

The deadline to submit an app idea for the first two contests is on February 22. However, there are 16 different contests from concept to deployment that run all the way through May 23. You can visit the TopCoder website for more information on how to help NASA keep its astronauts healthy and fit while in the weightlessness of outer space.

[Via: TUAW]