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I have never been one to get very involved in the more social aspects of gaming for the iDevice but the latest app I was asked to review really gave me no choice. Star Diamonds Paradise, which was developed by Star Arcade, is a puzzle game that is designed to be played against an opponent – a real human one online, not some computer generated foe. Now I may not be used to battling online much from my iDevice (in this case my iPad but the app is also compatible with the iPhone and the iPod Touch) but I am competitive in general so quite looking forward to a challenge – I hoped – I paid my $1.99 (there is a free version but its full of ads) and fired up the app ready to head into battle….

Sounds and Graphics 4/5

colorful puzzler

Even from the start up registration screens I was impressed with the colors and clarity of the graphics. This is (on the face of it at least) a rather simple game and while there is no need for the graphics to be over complicated the fact that they are bright, very easy on the eye and attractive is a definite plus.

In terms of sound there is just enough. A nice little background ditty, all the right noises when your chains come together and very little else. This is not a bad thing as this game, when you get serious about it requires quite a bit of concentration and who needs some unnecessary noises distracting them?

Overall I think that Star Diamonds Paradise has a great interface and in this category merits a 4/5 for sure.

Gameplay 4/5

The premise behind Star Diamonds Paradise is a ridiculously simple one. Faced with a screen full of hexagons, each of which has a different symbol on it, your aim is to sweep together as long a chain of like boxes as you can.

Before you can begin to play you have to create an account. There is a Facebook integration to make the process faster, which I found very convenient, but you can also opt to create a stand alone Star Arcade account if you choose to instead. Either way the process only takes a minute or so and you are then all set to take on any opponents that come your way.

The fact that you are facing an opponent at all times is where the real challenge lies. If you were playing alone then you would have all the time in the world to scan the rows looking for the best possible chains but the clock is ticking and someone, somewhere, is tapping their foot impatiently waiting for their turn! Often, frustratingly I would see a better chain after the fact, when I had already made my move, at which point my only hope was that my unseen, unknown opponent would not see it either!

There are bonuses for extra long chains and there are a few nasty surprises to avoid in the form of dynamite and other nasties. They are easy to see but if you are busy trying to build what you think is a really big chain then they can be just as easy to overlook too! You can collect tile sets to gain extra powers and there are other power ups to be earned that can beef up your cred as a worthy opponent as well.

Play with friends

At the end of each game if the player you are up against is also a registered player instead of a unknown guest you have the opportunity to interact with them. In fact you can build yourself quite the little army of friendly foes if you like, not something I’ve ever really done before but it was actually rather neat.

How much of a challenge you will find Star Diamonds Paradise to be will depend, to a great extent, on how good your opponent is. Some people were really bad and ran away from the game after just a few moves while others presented me with a real challenge. One of the great things about the social networking aspect of the game though is that once you find a worthy opponent you can hook up and then challenge each other directly (as well as engage in a little trash talking too!)

Overall I really rather liked this game so I think it deserves a here too.

Value for Money 3.5/5

As I mentioned there are both free and paid versions of Star Diamonds Paradise. The paid version I used to review the game I installed on my iPad but I did add the free version to my iPhone, just to see how annoying the ads were, or how limited the free gameplay was.

The actual gameplay in both versions seems very much the same and the ads in the free version did not intrude on the game directly but they certainly slowed it down. Given the very extensive replay value of this game though $1.99 is a relatively reasonable price.


Star Diamonds Paradise is a neat little time waster and as my introduction to social gaming versus just keeping track of high scores in the Game Center or Open Feint it was an enjoyable one. I think if you are a puzzle fan this really is a game worth trying – and if you do ,look me up and challenge me because I am getting better and looking for new foes…


Nexscience LLC. is the document reader app for the Microsoft office. It let the users to download, view, store and share the documents of Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheet, PDF documents, and Power Point Presentation.
The documents can be downloaded from the computers or via Wi-Fi or USB or directly from internet. Nexscience LLC allows the users to visualise the documents in the portrait or landscape mode and also it can viewed in the offline mode.Nexscience LLC. is so efficient that downloaded documents even can be viewed where there is no availability of the internet connection (like in airplanes, during traveling) or at the place where Wi-Fi and 3G signals are too week.

Nexscience LLC. app is the lightweight office which can be taken at any place in the pocket. It enables the users to develop their backups of documents. Users can also generate their pocket spreadsheets and do their basic work processing. With Nexscience LLC., users can get quick access to the word, spreadsheets, and PDF documents, memos, notes and presentations.

Nexscience LLC. supports the multiple file formats. It enables users to directly open their attached emails, send emails with attached files and file deleting, moving, unzipping and renaming. Users can also create their text files, organize files in the folders and the sub folders and do de-compression with the unzip.

Nexscience LLC. also allows the transfer of files from PC/MAC to the iDevices and vice versa by using the USB cables. And guess what the app is available in only $1.99

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Innovative book concept is quite amazing and it retells the users about the historical events and helps them in comical illustration. The &*%^# is the remarkable story to be shared with the users and thus app of Kickstarter has been established.
The smartphone users can get facilitation from this app on their phones. This app is featuring the convenient and illustrative buttons to swear down wherever you are. This app is amazing in dealing with the entertainment and education in the stereo.Kickstarter app is having humanizing effect – $&*%^ which humanizes the history of heroes. Some users believe that Kickstarter app is a public service app that helps the world knows about the services of heroes of history.

The app is quite integrative as it allows the users to use symbols including $&*%^ and also permit them to insert profanity. Users are also allowed to blast the # team profanity for tagging it over Twitter.

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BetVictor native app for iPhone

BetVictor’s team of iOS developers have introduced fully native app for the iPhone users. This app has taken almost 15 months of testing and developing period before making its place in the Apple App store. The new app developed by BetVictor is promising improved experiences for the users of iPhone. Users of iPad can also take advantage from this app, but they have to wait for customisation of the app, till next year.

BetVictor is the multidimensional app designed to expand the experience and journey for the iPhone’s users. Built in features of iPhone along with the technological abilities will be fully integrated to bestow an unforgettable pleasure to the users. See how BetVictor will facilitate the users:

  1. App has fully integrated casino which will present live betting opportunity.
  2. Scoreboards and data feeds can be visualised within the app.
  3. For multiple betting different layouts and coupons are available.
  4. Users will be able to do real time price betting.
  5. Market navigation ability is quite easier and faster so to customise the desirable sports and markets.
  6. Full withdrawal and deposit functionality is provided within the account section via Betslip Quick option.
  7. Live streaming is available for UK and other international racing. Data will be presented on the Racecards.
  8. Pausing option before exiting the game.

For Android and Blackberry devices, BetVictor has upgraded their product to provide superior experience. In the first quarter of 2013, BetVictor is also planning to launch native app for the tablet users, especially iPad.

Users who want to get a believable gaming experience with such remarkable technological improvement, can visit iTunes and search for BetVictor’s new native iPhone app.

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