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Orbitz has launched an extension of its top rated mobile app for iPad, which will enable users to book and acquire details about hotels, flights, and cars. Orbitz app is fully native app which will let the consumers to experience searching and booking of all the three categories mentioned above to organize their successful trip.

The Orbitz app for the iPhone has already won award in 2012 and inductee itself in the App Store Hall of Fame. It is the only travel booking app which has won the Editor’s choice designation in the App Store. Thus this new Orbitz app is extensively designed for users of iPad to provide same speed, easiness of use and discounts, only for mobile users.

President of, Mr. Chris Orton shared that “Nearly 30% of the US adults have their personal tablet, which was only 2% three years back. During this new era of growth in tablet market, Orbitz has brought a winning app for the iPad users. This is to let the users avail benefit from the amazing travel booking app in easiest way and by getting great deals. Other competitive travel apps send users to the numerous booking site, whereas, Orbitz iPad app takes the users directly for booking cars, hotels and flights in seamless, in-app experience.”

Features available in Orbitz iPad app includes:

  1. Ease of use and unrivaled speed: Booking and searching of hotels, rental cars and flights in a blink of eye with dual list and map view of the hotels. Users will also allow to compare the flight, hotels and car details on a single screen via powerful filtering and sorting capabilities.
  2. Exclusive deals for mobile: Orbitz App allows users of mobile phones to avail 50% discount on hundreds of hotels worldwide.
  3. Convenient traveling tools: Travel itineraries are available 24/7 even if the internet connection is not available.

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Shazam is out with what is self-described as a “major update” to the app, version 5.0. It delivers a groundbreaking new feature thanks to rewritten software that enables users to tag audio and Shazam will identify it within a single second.

Now, you can launch the Shazam app, put your phone up to a speaker that’s playing back a song, television show, or television advertisement, and in one second figure out what the hell you’re listening to as well as save or share it on your social networks. The app also brings up its trademarked LyricPlay service which scrolls through lyrics to songs while keeping pace with the song playing and information such as links to purchase, music videos, tour dates and the like. Shazam is able to do all of this far faster than any of its competitors, e.g. SoundHound or IntoNow.

Some of the minor, but still notable updates that made it into version 5.0 include a somewhat revamped user interface, the ability to add a comment to tags shared to Facebook or Twitter, and support for new languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Korean and Spanish for South America.

It’s interesting to see how Shazam has evolved over time. I remember when it was a simple app for tagging music. Then fierce competition arose and Shazam sprung to its full potential, bringing features for tagging television programs and much more. Shazam 5.0 with one-second tagging is another step ahead.

The update is only for iPhone and iPod touch in the App Store. It applies to the free Shazam app as well as Shazam Encore and (RED), both $6.

appstore 520x245 Apple quietly debuts App Store vanity URLs for developers with Star Trek Super Bowl ad

Apple didn’t join BlackBerry, Samsung and others in producing a Super Bowl ad but the company did unveil something significant during the commercials, via a promo for Paramount’s upcoming ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ film.

As CNET first noted, the end of the commercial includes a vanity link for the app — — rather than the usual long link for the download. That’s a hugely significant, if subtle, introduction with the potential to massively increase traffic to apps, as well as the promotional aspect for developers and publishers. Suddenly app links can be memorable, logical and more easily searchable for users.

Screen Shot 2013 02 03 at 5.15.50 PM 520x289 Apple quietly debuts App Store vanity URLs for developers with Star Trek Super Bowl ad

Apple detailed the feature in new documentation published last week which explains that short links can be created for company app pages, as well as landing pages for iOS and Mac apps. With some 800,000 apps in the App Store, giving users a dedicated URL is likely to massively increase the potential for downloads. Discovery has always been a key bug-bear for developers and users alike — even though the Google Play has more problems on that front — and app makers will rush to get hold of memorable URLs for their creations.

With this introduction, it is likely that we will see more App Store links being promoted in the media, and alongside Facebook Page URLs and other key links.

Importantly, Apple points out that generic phrases will be directly to search engines. That’s a sensible move since the opportunity to grab a ‘hot’ short URL could promote unhealthy squatting and competition. Vanity URLs had previously been available using iTunes links, but the new will replace that.

In case you were wondering, CNET reminds us that the much sought after URL was given to Steve Jobs by CEO Marc Benioff back in 2008.

Headline image via glenbledsoe / Flickr, movie commercial still via CNET

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