Yesterday, we told you about the possibility that Apple was in talks to acquire the social networking mapping service Waze. While the addition of the technology would greatly benefit Apple’s lackluster Maps app, the rumor turns out not to be the least bit true.

According to TechCrunch, who first reported the rumor, there is no deal in the works between Apple and Waze. Although the technology blog felt the need to defend its inaccuracy, we all know that this type of information is based on rumors and speculation and not to be taken seriously. It’s O.K. TechCrunch. You didn’t do anything wrong.

Today’s TechCrunch post mentions that Apple and Waze are often in regular communication with each other, since the latter supplies data for the former’s mapping software. There is even a chance that a passing conversation was had in regards to a possible merger some day. However, TechCrunch is quick to point out that low-level meetings like that are common amongst larger corporations and small start-ups. It doesn’t mean much until serious parties get involved.

Apple has also been rumored to be in talks with Foursquare to incorporate the social media’s massive database into the Maps app. Although no one has confirmed or denied that serious parties are getting involved in talks from Apple or Foursquare, it is not likely that one will be bought out by the other. Apple doesn’t normally buy up well-known companies like Foursquare. If anything, they will add Foursquare’s features to their Maps app in a similar fashion to how Yelp is connected to the mapping service. Again, it is all rumors and speculation. Nothing has been made official yet.