“Adding staff for the holiday season is not unusual in retail. What is unusual is how America’s most profitable retailer, The Apple Store, trains its employees to communicate with customers to reduce the stress and frustration of shopping on Black Friday and other busy retail days,” Carmine Gallo reports for Forbes.

“Time slows down in a crowded Apple Store because of several techniques I learned during my year of research into what makes The Apple Experience,” Gallo reports. “One technique in particular blew me away. Some managers call it, ‘resetting internal clocks.’”

Gallo reports, “I recently walked into a busy Apple Store and waited nearly fifteen minutes to talk to a salesperson about the new iPhone 5, yet the time flew by and I wasn’t frustrated at all. A sales specialist reset my internal clock several times during the waiting period. He acknowledged my presence in the store immediately, placed me in queue, told me how long it would take before I’d be served, checked in every few minutes, and personalized the experience by using my first name. “

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