Image Courtesy of Mac Observer

Thanks to a very public tumultuous relationship between Apple and Samsung, the tech world is regularly bombarded by rumors that the two Frienemies are jabbing at each other in some way. The newest rumor out of China Business News is that Apple is looking for a new battery supplier. Apparently, Samsung has stopped selling iPad and MacBook batteries to the tech giant.

Apple and Samsung have been wrestling like stubborn brothers over various patents since early 2011. Recently, two major rulings took place that led to speculation that the companies are not playing nice with each other anymore.

First, Apple won a huge chunk of money in the U.S. when the courts determined that the Galaxy Tab infringed on certain design patents based on the iPad. Then, Samsung won big when the UK determined the exact opposite and forced Apple to make a public apology for accusing the former of stealing the design.

Ever since then, rumors have abound that either Apple has dropped Samsung or Samsung has dropped Apple. Recently, it was reported that Apple was actively looking for a new chipmaker and that Samsung was to be relegated to simply manufacturing the A6 chipset. Then, we heard that Samsung increased the price of manufacturing processors for the iPhone and iPad, forcing Apple to accept the new cost because no one else can produce the product as fast.

Now, the news from China Business News (via: Yicai) is that Apple has turned to Amperex Technology Limited and Tainjin Lishen Battery for MacBook and iPad battery needs because “The original manufacturer Samsung SDI has stopped supplying Apple.”

There is no evidence to back this claim up. Apple CEO Time Cook told investors in a quarterly earnings report that its relationship with Samsung has not changed. The claim that Apple and Samsung are fighting behind closed doors is still just a rumor.

[Via: Mac Observer]