Cellular technology obviously provides many many advantages to our lives. We stay connected wherever we go enabling us to check on our personal and business affairs. Heck we can even keep tabs on our homes when we are away. And though some don’t like the ability to always be found there are definitely circumstances when being found can literally be a lifesaver. Many newer model cars sold in the US come equipped with OnStar or another automatic response system which has proven incredibly helpful for anything from locking keys in the car to finding stolen cars to communicating with emergency services, all thanks to cellular technology.

If you have an older model car or did not ante up for the add-on service when you bought your car, check into splitsecnd, $199.95 plus $14.95 a month. This little device can be a lifesaver. Plug into any car with a cigarette lighter or 12V DC socket. splitsecnd contains an accelerometer and GPS. When it senses sudden changes in speed and force it determines your location and calls the splitsecnd emergency response center where an operator will confirm what help the driver may need. In addition, they will alert whoever you list as your emergency contact. splitsecnd works wherever you have cellular coverage – about 96% of the US – and must be plugged in to work. If you currently charge any devices in that socket not to worry. Use the built-in USB port to continue. And if you choose, download their app and track the location other splitsecnd users. For those in your life that you truly want to keep safe make the investment. You won’t regret it.
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