Trivia games are a favorite in family game night situations. Sometimes, the best types of trivia are narrowed to specific genres. Those are the games that really prove your knowledge of a topic. Badly Drawn Movies is a trivia game for those who think they know about movies. You can download it through the end of the year for only $0.99.

Players try to guess the name of a movie as fast as possible with a “badly drawn” sketch that includes some iconic imagery from that movie. Truthfully, the sketches aren’t badly drawn at all. Most of them are so well rendered that you can guess the title because you recognize the actor that is sketched.

The sketch starts to appear on the screen and there is a big button at the bottom labeled “Guess.” As soon as you know the name of the movie, tap the guess button and a keypad will appear. If you get stuck, you can tap the “Hints” button at the top of the screen. For the cost of three fishes, players can get a hint about the movie that will help jog their memory. For example, the hint may include the name of one of the actors or the overall plot.

Badly Drawn Movies 1

Badly Drawn Movies 4

Players earn fish every time they correctly guess a movie. The sketches are being drawn by a cute little Narwal and if you need his help, just feed him some yummy fish and he’ll give you hints or draw a different image.

When you’ve entered your guess, tap the check tab to see if you are correct. The nice thing about this game is that you don’t need to know the exact title, word for word. For example, I typed in “How to Train a Dragon” but the correct title of the movie is “How to Train Your Dragon.” You can also enter misspelled words to get a correct answer, so you don’t have to know how to spell.

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When you are trying to figure out what a movie title is, you can buy up to three hints. But, if that isn’t enough, you can also spend three fish to reveal a second sketch of the movie.If you really get stuck, you can spend 12 fish to reveal the name of the movie or simply pass and move on to the next guess for free.

The sketches are so well drawn that it really isn’t that difficult to guess the titles of the movies. At least 98 percent of them are extremely popular films with iconic imagery that makes it easy to make the connection. This game is definitely not intended for movie enthusiasts and film majors. It is a little too easy for them. I should know. My ol’ man is a film studies graduate. Because I’ve been forced to sit through so many movies with him, I am pretty well versed in the history. This game was way too easy for me. It is probably better for a younger audience, maybe between the ages of 10 and 15.

Badly Drawn Movies 5

Badly Drawn Movies 6

What I liked: There are 200 movie titles to guess across 10 levels with names like, “Fin Diesel” and “Tuna Thurman.”

What I didn’t like: The game is actually too easy. It would be better if the images were more abstract, less iconic. I’d also like to see sketches from more obscure movies, like independent films and silent-era movies.

To buy or not to buy: At only $0.99, it is not a bad game for fans of movies. Even though it is too easy, it is still an entertaining way to spend a few hours.

  • Name: Badly Drawn Movies
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Sporcle
  • Price: $0.99
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