The perfect Christmas present for any geek

I’ve just spotted this uber-cool gadget being sold at MobileFun. It’s the Magic Cube Projection Keyboard and Multi-touch mouse from Celluon. For just 129.95, you can beam a virtual keyboard and multi-touch mouse on to almost any surface. It’s a bluetooth device and will work with almost any HID compatible device. Feel free to send me an early Christmas present


Full-sized projection keyboard lets you type accurately and comfortably on any flat surface

If you like to work on the go but find traditional Bluetooth keyboard solutions bulky and uncomfortable, the Celluon Magic Cube is the answer. Packing a full-size keyboard into a pocket-size package, the Magic Cube employs lasers, LEDs and IR detection to project a keyboard onto any flat opaque surface and then accurately read your button presses as if by magic. Within minutes you’ll be touch-typing like you would on a regular keyboard, and wondering how you ever got anything done without it.

Multi-touch mouse mode allows you to switch control to your cursor from your keyboard

In an industry first, Celluon have introduced a multi-touch mouse to the Magic Cube. By utilising an easy to remember keyboard shortcut, you can switch between keyboard and mouse in a flash, letting you get on with working on your documents and emails, and not working on figuring out your keyboard. The mouse supports two-finger scrolling, pinch to zoom and other gestures for natural, easy navigation.

Small size for enhanced portability

Measuring just 75 x 37 x 29mm, the Celluon Magic Cube will fit in almost any pocket. This means you don’t have to compromise between travelling light and being fully prepared, as you can have a full-sized keyboard and multi-touch mouse wherever you go. The Magic Cube charges via an included mini USB cable.

Bluetooth HID support for driverless compatibility

The Celluon Magic Cube supports Bluetooth HID profiles so is compatible with a number of devices straight out of the box. From iOS and Android 2.0+ devices to PCs and Macs, the Celluon Magic Cube will work within seconds with your device letting you get on with your work.


Article: Local via Go Gadget News