Science fiction authors have long been envisioning a future where robots handle all the cooking and cleaning. We haven’t quite reached that level yet, but the Grillbot gets us one step closer. In case it’s not entirely clear from the name, the Grillbot is a robot that cleans your grill. Like a tiny, heat-resistant Roomba.

Each Grillbot has three small brushes around its perimeter that spin to remove the grease and grime from your grill as it pulls itself along. It will reportedly work on gas or charcoal grills, and you don’t even have to wait for it to cool down. The robot is powered by a rechargeable battery and has a small LCD used to program it for either a light or deep clean. Some of the advanced features include an LCD alarm and timer, replaceable brushes, and rechargeable batteries.

It’s not yet known how the Grillbot navigates around the grill or an identify dirty or clean spots. Floor-cleaning robots like the Roomba and and Mint has multiple sensors and advanced algorithms for this sort of thing, but they are faced with much more complex tasks.

The inventor of the Grillbot claims to have spent a few years and a small fortune developing the device. Apparently the heat issue and uneven surface gave even seasoned engineers a challenge. The origin of the Grillbit is almost too good to be true — the inventor, a Mr. Ethan Woods, used to clean his grill using a wire brush attached to a power drill. While this surely worked great, why spend your time doing it, when a robot could do it fore you? The Grillbot was designed fro the task, complete with a rotating wire brush (see below in gold).


The Grillbot will be available in mid-June for $69.95 if you want the base model. A premium version, with some as yet unannounced extras, will sell for $99.95. Grillbot will come in four colors, but I’m sure they won’t retain that shiny finish after the cleaning commences.