Physics based games have always been overwhelmingly popular in the App Store. Angry Birds, with its cute but furious feathered characters has managed to sell millions of copies, turning it into a thriving franchise. Birds are so overdone, though, right? It’s time for a new cute character, and what’s better than a sweet little blue alien organism named Cyto?

Cyto is a physics-based puzzler from Chillingo, a publisher that has been putting out some solid games lately. In the game, poor Cyto has lost his memories, so he must float around in the primordial abyss hoping to hunt them down. That’s where you come in – you will help direct Cyto towards his memories in each level.

Your character, the little blue amoeba, is controlled with a finger on the screen. Pull back on him to launch him through space, hurling towards his memory fragments. He’s awfully flexible, so you can launch him like a slingshot.


The idea is to launch Cyto into each of his memories, before entering the portal that ends each level. Cyto will stick to connectors, which are some weird, tentacled blobs, so you can launch him from connector to connector to move around. Cyto must stay attached to connectors so he doesn’t fall off into the abyss of space, but he can connect to two, allowing you to slingshot him around the level.


You can also cause Cyto to drop off of connectors with a tap, which is necessary for grabbing some of the errant memories. Collected memories will be used to unlock additional levels in the game, which is how Cyto’s story will unfold.

You don’t need to get all three memories in each level, which is great because that means casual gamers can enjoy the app, but if you’re a perfectionist, feel free to replay again and again to snag all those memories. This is a challenging game, so it will require some deep thinking to find all the lost fragments.

Cyto is a standard physics-based puzzle game. To be honest, this is nothing that you haven’t seen before. Levels will ramp up in difficulty, getting harder as you progress through the game, which is typical fare for these games. Cyto isn’t bringing much new to the genre, but puzzle fans will love the crisp, deep blue graphics and the mesmerizing soundtrack.


There’s also the cute little amoeba main character and his background, which morph this game from mediocre to fun. There are 81 levels in all, for plenty of gameplay, plus Game Center integration.

What I liked: Cyto is tough, but it isn’t so tough that you’ll quit the game in frustration and hurl the iPad across the room. You might have to replay a few levels and sit and think for awhile on the best solution, but because you can move on without all the memory fragments, and skip levels occasionally, it’s a good game for kids and adults alike.

What I didn’t like: This feels like a game that I have played multiple times before, in a new skin. It doesn’t do anything new.

To buy or not to buy: As I mentioned, there’s nothing revolutionary in Cyto, but it is a fun physics game that puzzle lovers are sure to enjoy.

  • App Name: Cyto
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Chillingo
  • Price: $0.99
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