Image Courtesy of the New York Times

Image Courtesy of the New York Times

Don’t you hate it when you arrive at the airport at least two hours early in order to stand in long lines at the security checkpoint only to make it to your gate and discover that your flight was delayed another hour (or more)? Well, Delta Air Lines at La Guardia Airport, New York has added a few things to its terminals to make your travel setback feel a little less stressful.

According to the New York Times, Delta has collaborated with airport restaurant company OTG Management to make airport wait times seem like part of the experience instead of something to dread.

In Delta’s Terminal C and D, travelers can patronize any of the two-dozen restaurants, cafes, food courts, and bars while waiting for their flights. They can also visit shopping areas throughout the mall and even check their email from complimentary iPad stations.

Delta’s terminals at La Guardia have been completely redesigned. Restaurants and shops were moved into the gate area. Many fixed plastic seats were replaced with bar-height stools and white countertops fitted with electrical outlets and USB ports. The newly renovated waiting areas include space to tuck luggage out of the way of traffic and all new seats equipped with an iPad so passengers can play games, surf the Web, and more.

Delta has been a champion of the iPad for some time now. Recently, the company overhauled its terminal kiosks, revamped its website, and launched Fly Delta for iPad, which includes travel planning tools, destination guides, flight check-ins, an interactive trip map, and more. Almost two years ago, Delta began testing iPads for in-flight use with their pilots and around that same time, the company announced it would be adding “superior amenities” such as rentable iPads to its Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport terminals.

It seems Delta Air Lines is almost single-handedly turning the iPad into a household name, or at least an airport name.