Color Epaper Video

Every day it feels like there are more e-paper gadgets in the world. E-book readers such as the Kindle are the most common, but every once in awhile you see some new idea using the technology in a bid to replace real paper or something fun like that.

These displays offer a low power and low cost solution for displaying static information (text and graphics). With color e-paper displays, like the Mirasol e-paper, companies will be able to offer flexible displays with magazine style graphics. While a color e-reader sounds impressive, one company has gone a step further and figured out how to get video working with the display technology.

Project Vivit wasted no time in showing off their new technology, rushing the very first functioning prototype to a trade show floor in Japan this week. The 6-inch display played a color video of an ice thickness map, though it is unclear what the actual frames per second or the resolution of the display is. Since it’s e-paper, the colors on offer are pale but solid. It’s easy to see the colors, but they do not stand out vibrantly as you would expect on a traditional LCD panel.

Vivit is an e-paper sign company, and has stated that they have no intention of manufacturing an e-reader or any other consumer grade device. This technology is being developed for their customers, who want signs that will allow for basic animations rather than full on commercials. Since e-paper displays are flexible and can easily be made weatherproof, it’s not hard to see why this will be of interest to advertisers.

Since there’s no real technical specifications being made public yet for the display, it’s hard to gauge exactly how useful that display would be in something like an e-reader anyway. A video-capable, full-color e-book reader would be an impressive piece of technology, especially when you consider the current pricing and battery life of similar products on the market today.

via Tech-On!