These days, many of us own both an iPad and an iPhone, or we share a household with someone else who owns an iDevice. That means there are often cords coming out of every available outlet, and plug sockets become a valuable commodity.

If you want to end the plug wars in your home or just simplify your charging solution, the Kanex DoubleUp dual charger for the iPad and the iPhone is the perfect option. The DoubleUp plugs into an existing wall socket but provides quick charging power to two USB power adapters.

Design and Construction

Kanex makes great products, so I was not surprised when I opened the box of the DoubleUp to reveal a sleek, compact charger that perfectly matches my Apple devices.

The charger itself is designed with an oblong square shape that has a retractable plug. It looks unobtrusive when plugged in to the wall, and the collapsible plug means that I can fold it up and put the charger in my bag. It fits in the palm of my hand, and its small size makes it great for use at both the home and in the office. The charger will also come in handy if you travel, thanks to its compact design.

Looks wise, the DoubleUp fits right in with my iPad and my iPhone. My devices are white, and the white and gray charger complements them perfectly. I loved the glossy finish, the simple construction, and the grippy gray accent. If you have black iDevices, there’s also a black version of the DoubleUp.

The charger has two LED indicator lights at the bottom, which let you know when your iDevices are charged. If the lights are green, you can unplug, but if they’re orange, the device is still charging. Aside from the lights and a small honeycomb logo on the bottom, the face of the charger is uncluttered and clean, a design aspect that I loved because it was easy to check on the status of my iPad and my iPhone with just a glance.


The Kanex DoubleUp is a well-designed charging device, but looks aren’t all it’s sporting – this charger packs some serious power too.

There are two full-power 2.1amp (10.5-watt) USB charging ports, which means your devices will charge up quickly. Even those slow charging third generation iPads fill up more rapidly than when you use the standard Apple charger.

Apple’s newest iPad mini comes with the same 5-watt charger that ships with the iPhone, and I’ve noticed that when you use that charger, the mini takes quite some time to get to full power. With the Kanex DoubleUp, it took much less time for both my iPad mini and my iPhone to get a full charge.

Because the DoubleUp provides two 10.5-watt USB ports, you can charge two iPads at once. That’s not something that all chargers are capable of handling.

The DoubleUp doesn’t come with USB cords, so you will need to use those provided with your Apple devices. It can support both a regular 30-pin cord and a Lightning cord, so you can mix and match your charging options. I set mine up with one 30-pin cord and one Lightning cord, so I can plug in anything that I need to charge without a hassle.


If you need to charge multiple Apple devices, the DoubleUp is a great option. It’s ultra speedy, it’s compact, it looks great, and it can go anywhere. Those LED indicator lights are super handy, and with the DoubleUp and its fast charging capabilities, your iDevices will be fully charged in no time at all.

You can get your own Kanex DoubleUp Dual USB charger from the Kanex website for $49. It is pricy, but the convenience is well worth the cost.

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