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eBay has long been known as the de facto marketplace for buying and selling physical goods. But today the marketplace giant is making an interesting move into digital goods, launching a dedicated marketplace for digital comics. Via a limited beta test in the U.S., the marketplace allows you to purchase and read digital comics, in the same way you would via the App Store or through Amazon.

Previously, eBay allowed some digital items to be sold by merchants but it’s limited. Now eBay is actually taking part in the curation and selling of content.

We’re told eBay is partnering with comiXology, an online marketplace for digital comics, to power the purchasing and reading experience. Via the new eBay Digital Comics marketplace you can browse and view collections by character. When you click on a comic book of interest, you are taken to the comic book’s page on the comiXology site. Purchasers will need to create a comiXology account or log in with an existing account to complete the purchase.

You need to buy on the desktop experience but you can access and read comics on a phone or tablet, we’re told. By next year, we hear that eBay will be launching a similar test in Europe. Obviously extending eBay’s presence in digital goods could even expand to other verticals like movies and books; more verticals are likely, we hear.

The company seems to be testing a number of out-of-the-box ideas over the past few months. This latest initiative is part of the eBay Innovations Group, which is also responsible for the company’s new Angie’s List competitor and its connected glass in physical storefronts.


On Thursday, online auction marketplace eBay launched a new product called “My Gadgets” that it says will let users catalog the tech devices they have and appraise them should they wish to sell any later. It will take all your iOS, Android, PC, game consoles, stereos, mobile phones, televisions, and more and curate them in a single place so should you decide to take the plunge and purge your home of your electronic possessions, you’ll know what you could expect to receive. Creating your own collection is simple. Go to the “My Gadgets” URL and authenticate using your eBay credentials. After that, simply enter in the item you wish to add. As you begin typing, the service will show you a list of products that you might be talking about. We ran a query for “iPhone 4S” and received multiple listings back that best fit our item.

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