Facebook is providing means to marketers with vast opportunities, on a one side marketer can save their money by doing virtual campaigns and competitions, on an other hand has provided them an opportunity to opt and keep flourishing their businesses. This is how Facebook is influencing companies not to hire third parties doing their advertisement job.

With the help of this tool, advertisers can put codes on their sites to keep the check on the actions like checkouts/payments or registrations have been driven by an advert on Facebook. In this way marketers can manage their work and can optimize the cost of their campaigns.

The main use of this conversion tool is for direct marketing campaigns to get specific responses from the target audience. The cost per new customer acquisition of most of the companies is reduced. This is most suitable for sites like retails, travel, e-commerce or financial services, says Facebook.

The tester has shown that this tool could be used for less commercial efforts, government associations can use it to track mailing list and it would reduce cost per-conversion rate by 85 percent.

Power editor, ad managers and advertising API are three of the ad products that this conversion tool has made available for marketers. The service is now active.

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