There is the real deal, and then if you do not have the kind of financial muscle that would make you the envy of the rest of your peers, then a replica of something that is highly sought after will have to do. What am I talking about? Just about everything, but if you so happen to be a fan of the Game of Thrones series, then you might want to check out this highly affordable $299.99 Game of Thrones 1/6 Iron Throne Replica.

Yes sir, this is the throne for extremely tiny kings, being just 14″ in height. Just what kind of material is it made out of? It is sculpted from resin, and hand-finished to boot, which means no two replicas are alike in this world. Even if your last name is not a Lannister, you will be able to get hold of one of these bad boys, now how about that? This is definitely a surefire way to own a conversation starter at home or at the office. Bear in mind that this is an officially licensed HBO Game of Thrones series collectible, so don’t worry about picking up a cheap knockoff.