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Magnet Boy App Review

Magnet boy is a fun puzzle arcade adventure game that challenges you to fly from magnet to magnet picking up various parts to build a robot.  The story of the game starts when a professor who has been building incredible robots is attacked by an evil villain.  The villain destroys the professor’s robots and crashes them into many pieces.  As the hero of this story, Magnet Boy has to search high and low to find the parts of every destroyed robot, and put them back together.

Using the very popular ‘point and pull’ method of aiming you will send Magnet Boy flying through the screen to get from one magnet to another until you find the parts he needs.  Simply running into these parts will pick them up while you travel to the safety of the next magnet.  While this may seem like just another simple point and shoot type of game, there is actually an interesting twist.  While flying through the air you can alter Magnet Boy’s trajectory by using ensuring his magnets are positive while going toward a negative magnet and vice verse.

This added twist seems simple at first, but it really adds a whole new dimension to this great type of game which will not only make it more fun, but also more challenging as well.  The game is designed very well which makes this fun new addition to the game simple to learn, and with just a few minutes of play you’ll be flying through the air from magnet to magnet with little trouble at all.

The game comes with a free level pack of 20 full and unique levels.  For those who want to keep the fun going even longer there are three unique level packs available for in game purchase (with more to come in the future).  There are three difficulties to choose from which make this game enjoyable for a wide range of people from beginner to very advanced.

The music, graphics and physics of this game are very well designed with fast loading times and no obvious bugs or problems.  Whether you’re playing an early level with a simple set up or you’ve advanced to more difficult levels which have fun portals, black holes and much more, this game is plays smoothly from beginning to end.

One of the best things about this game is that it was designed with the user in mind.  All the controls are very intuitive and don’t take long at all to figure out.  It’s fun to play for a few minutes here and there, or sit down and enjoy it for a few hours at a time.  Given that it is free to play the first 20 levels, this game should be tried by everyone.  Just be careful, you’ll be hooked before you know it!

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