There are various games that I love to play on, but this new title on iPhone 4 is a wonderful treat. I tried the app on a friend’s iPhone 4 as I am not found of buying an iPhone 4 games without a tryout, this is the reason I prefer lite versions of such applications. Nevertheless, I enjoyed few moments of playing Gravity Guy on friend’s iPhone 4.

The game is all about Gravity Guy, which is a character in a world where he can break the laws of gravity. You are being chased by Gravity Troops, and you mustn’t stop in the amazing and challenging world of mazes and gravity traps. Flipping the gravity and dogging the troops and going to the next level are all in the game to enjoy.

The game Gravity Guy is not an additive iPhone 4 app due to its game-play, but interestingly its pace makes it more addictive and challenging with 30 levels and 3 worlds you can enjoy hour’s long gravity dogging fun. However, still there is something missing in this app due to which I didn’t buy it yet.

The controls are a bit complex for me from iPhone-point-of-view, still my other friends recommend me to buy the app. At first instance I was into the game, but after a while I found nothing new to explore and same gamography make me feel out of the gravity world, or may it’s the price factor due to which I didn’t bought the app.

No matter what I say, this iPhone 4 games app are having some unique features like retina graphics for HD gaming experience on iPhone 4. Moreover, multiple friends can play and share their score on the board. All in all, the app seems to be nice to those who wish to try the app for $0.99, and I still haven’t tried the Gravity Guy multitasking functions on iPhone 4.

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