Handmade items always make the best gifts, because so much thought and careful work goes into each one. Handmade also means unique, which is what makes each item special.

If you’re looking to get the iPad lover in your life something special this year but don’t have a crafty bone in your body, don’t worry, Etsy can help. The site, which is home to millions of crafters, features some of the most unique iPad cases and accessories on the Internet. We’ve picked out some of our favorite handmade items, so if you still need the perfect, thoughtful gift, take a look at this list.

iPad Sleeves from Take Tech ($30) – These handcrafted sleeves are a favorite of PadGadget writer Jenni, who uses one for her own iPad. Jenni says it’s beautifully constructed and has just the right amount of padding to keep her iPad safe and sound. Each of these sleeves is professionally sewn and comes with a bonus front pocket with a hidden zipper enclosure that can hold iPad accessories or personal items. The sleeves come in a range of colors and patterns, so you’re sure to be able to find a favorite.

Whooz? Cords (From $19) – Emily wrote about these fantastic iPad plug and cord covers when they were a Kickstarter project. These vinyl cord labels aren’t exactly handmade, but they are hand designed, and that counts, right? Each Whooz cover features an adorable Whooz character, which wraps around your iPad or iPhone charger. Not into the faces? Don’t worry, there are an array of solid colors as well, and all of the Whooz wraps are fantastic for keeping your iPad cables and chargers separated from the crowd.

iPad TV Retro Wooden Docking Stand ($99) – Lory loves this wooden iPad stand, which has been designed to look like an awesome retro television set. I love it too, because it’s a good way to charge an iPad, but it’s also a fantastic conversation piece. Imagine watching Netflix on your iPad while it’s in this stand – it will look just like an old timey TV. Fun! All of the buttons remain easily accessible while in this stand, and you can get it in a bunch of different woods to match any decor. It’s available for the original iPad, the iPad 2, and the third generation iPad.

Brown Tweed iPad mini Case ($59) – I’m a long time fan of MariForsell, an Etsy crafter who makes gorgeous simple but stylish cases for Apple products. These cases are all made of wool, often of tweed, and lined with cotton canvas. A rivet reinforced dark brown leather strap holds your iPad securely in place, and accents the design of the case too. If you’re looking for a high quality case that works in both the workplace and after hours, you won’t go wrong with one of MariForsell’s cases. There are also cases for the full-sized iPad, priced at $75.

Booksi Docks (from $78) – I’ve seen a lot of iPad docks, but the Booksi dock has always been one of my absolute favorites. It’s made from a stack of vintage books, which have been set up as an iPad dock. These aren’t meant to be small, subtle docks – this is the kind of dock that you want to show off! It does, however, blend right in, making it the perfect gift for any book lover.This dock comes with a six foot cable and can be ordered for the iPad with a 30-pin connector, the Lightning connector, or the iPad mini.