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Great Costume As The Camera

Great Costume As The Camera,While this is the most advanced suit that found on the Internet. Suit the camera, which not only looks like a camera, but also takes pictures.The Secret in the sequel.

New Bridge Over The Hoover Dam,Supplement or extension to the theme of “Major dams of the planet” Hoover Dam, and construction of the “bridge” across the canyon.Sincerely, Alexander.Hoover Dam is on Route 93 (Route 93), which lies at the north-south direction and connects with the Canadian Arizona border.Part of the highway adjacent to the dam does not match the line and the volume of traffic transmitted. To change the situation at the end of 2010 was carried out commissioning of a new road bridge – Hoover Dam Bypass – through Black Canyon.The bridge consists of two parallel reinforced concrete arches, curved upward, ending at the coast, which are based on vertical piers used to support the upper spans of the bridge roadway.

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