“I don’t understand why Apple would do this, but I hear it’s only a matter of time before it unleashes a Pandora competitor called iRadio or something of the sort,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet.

“I bounced the idea off Albert Fried and Company analyst Richard Tullo, who covers Pandora and is a frequent Bloomberg TV contributor,” Pendola writes. “Tullo thinks iRadio ends up a bigger threat to Spotify than Pandora: ‘We think Apple will adopt some Spotify-like features if it can in its iTunes platform as it’s really Spotify which is the direct threat.’ So, not a full-blown streaming Pandora competitor.”

Pendola writes, “That makes more sense. It gets ignored by the largely bearish financial media, but iTunes and Pandora are complementary services; iTunes and Spotify are clearly competitive.”

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