Evade space worms, diagnosis an outbreak in a rural village, and read a little Charles Dickens. Nope, not retelling your dream from last night, just previewing a few of the things you can do with this round of the week’s best iPad apps.

Worm Run: Here’s another game you might get addicted to—in Worm Run, you’re Zeke Tallahassee, a janitor in space who has to run through an endless labyrinth to escape a growing, mutant intergalactic worm. $1

Audible: Sometimes you just want to be read to. Sometimes you don’t have time to read yourself. Audible has hundreds of thousands of audiobook titles for you to listen to, and now it has an iPad app. Free

Solve the Outbreak: A disease has broken out and you’ve got to find out what it is. Use clues, data, interviews, diagnoses, and more to solve the epidemic. It’s like The Walking Dead or the movie Outbreak, only in an iPad game. Free