Timeline 3D is an app that every teacher, educator, writer, or presenter should check out out, because it is a quick and simple way to make well designed multimedia timelines that can be shared at meetings, in classrooms, and more.

It can be used to create and present timeline charts for all kinds of events, from historical to personal. You can use the app to make and explain chronologies with an all new perspective, making it a great way to demonstrate timelines.

For example, this app presents a clear way to explain historical events to students, making the educating process easier than ever.

The app is ultra simple to use, because all you need to do is enter a series of events, which is pretty simple to do. You can enter events and times in a global format, and you can even include notes, website links, and descriptive tags. Images, videos, and text dictation can be inserted at specific dates, making a fully interactive, media rich presentation.


That data is then used to automatically generate a timeline. From there, you can use that timeline to tell any story that you want, from the history of a company to the history of the world. It really only takes a single tap to generate a timeline from a list of events. When you are presenting, simply swipe to switch from event to event, and use pinch gestures if you need to zoom in.

You can present your timelines right on the iPad, but it makes more sense to take advantage of AirPlay if you happen to have an Apple TV, projecting your timelines on the big screen.


Timelines that you create can be exported to Timeline 3D on the Mac, and you can import files from the Mac version as well. You’re also able to send Timelines via email, making it easy to share.

If you have a reason to use an app like this, you won’t find a better solution than Timeline 3D. And trust me, you almost certainly have a need for this, from creating a timeline of a vacation to explaining an event to a group of students. It can be used for a huge variety of purposes.

What I liked: As a writer, I could see this app coming in handy for creating a cohesive storyline. It is also great for classroom settings. There are so many uses for this app!

What I didn’t like: It would be nice to be able to turn timelines into a video or a slideshow that could be uploaded to social networks, and it would be nice to incorporate other types of media.

To buy or not to buy: Timeline 3D is an expensive app at $9.99, but it is worth the purchase price if it offers a functionality that you need.

  • App Name: Timeline 3D
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.9
  • Category: Education
  • Developer: Beedocs
  • Price: $9.99
  • Score: